June 14, 2018


Provo, Utah


Divine Orbits

Hello all!

It's been probably one of the most eventful weeks in all of the MTC, which I didn't think was possible!!

1. I passed out when I tried to run in 90 degree heat with Sister Kinder.
2. Sister Thresh and I had a tearful goodbye as she left the residence at 3:30 AM.
4. I got 2 new investigators; Mariah and Hugo. They're both incredibly involved and ask really good questions!
5. I got to host senior missionaries when they arrived and it was the happiest thing in the world!
6. I got an assignment as an Sister Training Leader (STL). Can't wait to be able to help other sister missionaries in a specific way with this assignment!
7. I got to accompany Sister Wooley in her musical number and it was great!
8. More visa waiters: Sister Kinder in Rancho Cucamonga and Sister Lundevall in Salt Lake City South! (Norway and Sweden for their original call respectively)
9. I auditioned for the last time for a musical number today! Getting to this point with all of the things that have prevented me thus far has been an adventure and a half!
10. I've been changing which trio I'm in about once an hour this week. Sister Thresh being gone has made things quite complicated!

Many of you will remember that last week, Emma (Sister Wooley) and I found each other because she received a spiritual prompting to just walk somewhere and when she found me, I was able to be her accompanist five minutes later. I know, not the best summary, but go to my email from last week if you want a much better description of the event! Well, I have had a ridiculous amount of experiences like that this week that I like to call 'divine orbits.' So let's get started!

Divine Orbit: Just as the planets move in their pre-determined orbits and things happen because they are on that path, we have an orbit in which God has placed certain people and things.

First - Sister Ostlund and Sister Dailey showed up to the St. George mission today and I'm already seeing the blessings of them being visa waited in my home area.

Second - We normally don't go to the cafeteria for breakfast, but today we did (just me, Sister Kinder, and Sister Lundevall). So we weren't sitting in our normal spot. We were talking about our missions, and I said something about the Netherlands. Then the sister next to me excitedly asked "Netherlands?!". I said that that is where I'm going. She then turned herself to face me and I saw that her name tag was also in Dutch. She is going to the same mission, but she is not in our zone because she already know Dutch after living there with her family for a couple years. So she'll probably be my companion when we leave on June 25 as we travel there!

Third - As we have been sitting in this computer lab emailing home, I caught something flicker on Sister Kinder's missionary portal. I glanced over to see that her mission assignment and flag changed in the corner by her name. I let her know as she changed the tab, and that was when she found out that she had been visa waited. She then started screaming "Rancho Cucamonga! I'm so excited!". Just then, a companionship of sisters walked by the door and poked their heads in. They told Sister Kinder that Rancho Cucamonga is their actual mission and that she will be traveling with them next week!

Fourth - I was praying to see Sister Wooley the day of the musical number so I could ask her when she could practice. I didn't see her at lunch, and I was bummed. I always see her there! Then I realized that I forgot my name tag at the residence. As we came out of the building after getting my tag, there were Sister Wooley and her companion, Sister Hurst, sitting at a table and studying.

Fifth - As I was hosting senior missionaries this week, I had the opportunity to be with one sister, who, for one reason or another, was not with a husband like the majority of senior missionaries. I didn't want to ask, but when she said goodbye to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, she was so so sad. I was so grateful to be with her to help her through that first walk to the room to drop her stuff off, which is by far the hardest one.

Sixth - While I am not, as it turns out, going to be companions with the new Danish sister, I am now an STL and have the opportunity to serve sisters in a really special way. In the midst of all of the trials I have had that really push me towards the "wo is me" mentality, I have not be given an opportunity to turn out and help others.

While planets have no decision power as the what happens or how they react when things happen in their orbit (like when an asteroid hits them), we do have that power.

After Christ fasted for 40 days in the desert and had an incredibly tolling encounter with the devil himself temping Him, Christ was perfectly justified in having angels minister to Him. But that verse after this event that angels ministered to Him is translated incorrectly: it is missing a phrase. It should read that after He left the desert, He knew that John was thrown into prison and He sent angels to minister unto John. In the midst of one of the second most miserable thing in His life, He sent angels to minister to John. He turned out.

There are an incredible amount of instances in His life that He did things such as this. Think of when He was in the midst of suffering the Atonement, had just been betrayed, and was being taken prisoner, and He healed the guard's ear!

That is the Character of Christ.
He turns out.
I want to do that, even if it is on a miniscule level.

I'm out of email time so that's all I've got this week, but nonetheless, the MTC is so so great and my life is being changed by my experiences here!!


-Zuster Klassen

PS us missionaries love emails and letters in our little block of the MTC here, it makes our lives so much better! (hint hint)

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3. Elder Criddle really likes gardening


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