July 2, 2018


Zoetermeer, The Netherlands


Zuster Hardy

Wait, I'm in Europe?!
(blog from our new mission president and his wife)

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy week and I don't have much more time to write, but I'll do my best!

1. I was called every wrong name in my MTC district by Broeder Jennings. Sister Criddle, Sister Anderson, Sister Puertas, and Sister Jones were all used a few times.
2. ALSO SPEAKING OF THE ELDERS I MISS THEM SO MUCH. But two of them got to go to Belgium for their training, and I know they'll do amazing! (Elder Anderson and Elder Jones)
3. I got to see Miranda Evans (one of my BYU friends) in the cafeteria of the MTC! What a tender mercy!
4. I had a musical afternoon singing lots of hymns with Elder Anderson and Elder Puertas. They have beautiful voices!
5. We got to meet the new mission presidents, President Buysse and his wife, at the MTC!
6. Last Sunday devotional. We stand up because an apostle is entering the room. But then ALL 12 APOSTLES WALKED IN. Wow that was one of the best things of my life. Also, Elder Uchtdorf smiled at me, which was also a happy moment. No big deal.
7. Saw Tyler Parra working as a security guard after devotional!
8. I got to sing I Am a Disciple by CJ Madsen for my farewell to the mission office and my Elders!
9. Funny thing Elder Anderson did when we landed: he was so groggy he thought we got shot and yelled "They got us!"
10. The Bunnells (last mission presidents) are literally the best people on earth. We had herring and pannekoeken with them.
11. My first companion is Zuster Hardy and my first area is Zoetermeer! But we're living in Den Haag for the week since out apartment is not ready yet.
12. My new favorite member fam: the Scherfs! They had us over for dinner and they are amazing people.
13. Also, I know two Elder Zander's now! I met his brother in the MTC and now he's in my district!
14. I crashed into a car on a bike I borrowed from a member. No big deal.
15. Testimony meeting in Dutch was this Sunday and I got to bear my testimony! Lots of people said that my Dutch is good, but honestly, the best part was the Spirit of such a strong ward.
16. Oh and at the end of the devotional mentioned before, we sang Called to Serve spontaneously! It was amazing and so spiritual!

I only have about 3 minutes left, but I just want to end with a couple things:

First off, I can testify to all of you that Christ is literally walking with His missionaries and watching over them.

Second, the Book of Mormon can change a contacting situation from not interested to super interested. There is a change in their coutenances as they read it. So EVERY contact, use the Book of Mormon! We found NINETEEN new people that want to learn more about the gospel from it!

I love the mission so so much! I am quite homesick, but I also love this place and the Savior with all my heart and know that this is where I'm supposed to be! Can't wait to spend the next 16 months here!


-Zuster Klassen

PS if anyone has any suggestions for homesickness and dealing with it that would be greatly appreciated!
PPS sorry there are no pictures this week but I'll work on that for next week!


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