July 31, 2017


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Sister Lee

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This week was a lot better! Sister Lee and I did a lot of knocking doors again this week. This week seemed to just be a little bit easier than last week. We definitely met some nicer people so that was really nice. We had in our plans to be in a city called East side and we just felt prompted to change our plans and go downtown Coos Bay. We were tracting and the 2nd house this woman named Ashley was super interested and let us right in. We are going back on Tuesday to teach her again. That was such a blessing and very needed at the time! The Lord knows what we need and when we need it! 
Saturday night I started to get sick, and come Sunday it was worse. I was directed by the mission President to stay inside and get rest. It was the most boring day of my life. I felt so bad for sister Lee. She was going crazy just sitting in the apartment haha. I got a Priesthood blessing and feel so much better now! Today was nice and sunny, so sister Lee and I went to the beach and played some volleyball. It was fun! Then an Elder stepped on my ankle with his cowboy boot and that really hurt. I can't really catch a break this week haha. Also last week our sister training leaders had us do a white elephant for 1/2 Christmas and none of us second guessed it, but 1/2 Christmas was in June so that was pretty funny once they figured that out! 
Anyway the work is great and I love doing the Lord's work. He truly has blessed me along this journey. I know this church is true and I love being a missionary! I love you all! 
Love, Sister Maddock 


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