June 26, 2017


Coos Bay, Oregon


Sister Rhoton

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Hi everyone! This week flew by. We did a lot of finding and tracting this week! We went to the farthest part of our area to try and find some new investigators. We weren't too terribly successful. We did talk to some nice people though. There was this one lady who opened the door and looked at us and then just shut the door and locked it. That was the first time that happened to me. Usually they at least let us say something or they say something. We just laughed. We tracted this really large hill of a street and it was rough. Haha. We just wanted to say we did it because the Elders we serve around didn't ever want to. Not our best idea. It also got pretty warm here! We were super excited, but it was rough because we were just getting used to all the rain. 
This weekend is Brian's baptism!! We are so exited! His daughter also left for girls camp this week. She wants to be baptized, so we are working with her and her brother as well! This is also our last week with President and Sister Russell. Friday President and Sister Orton will arrive. It's going to be a weird change, but we are all excited! 
Love you all so much! And I hope everything is going well for you all at home! 
Love,Sister Maddock 
1. Shore acres2. Shore acres 3. Coos Bay Zone4. Sister Rhoton and I in the "mountains"5. The large hill we tracted (the picture doesn't do it justice) 


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