August 20, 2018


Central Point, Oregon


Sister Knight

Sorry I''ve been so busy TRACTING:)

Good morning!! 
Sorry that I havent written in a while. Sometimes I just get really wrapped up in playing sports on pday haha!! But anyway the past couple weeks have been good. My new companion, sister Griffin, is from American Fork, Utah and has been out for about 8 months. 
Basically we have been just tracting our hearts out here and have been able to meet quite a few people. Last week we went on exchanges with the sisters in eagle point and boy do I have some stories from that!! So Saturday morning at 630 we decided to go blackberry picking. Because Oregon just has blackberries growing on the sides of the road. So we had our car keys but the sisters forgot their house keys. When we got back all the windows were locked and we realized we left all our phones inside. So we prayed and decided to drive back to Central Point and go to one of the elders to borrow their phone. It's a 30 minute drive. So we got there and called our apartment inspectors and he said they were just heading out of town but they would drop the key off to us really quick. So we made it back to eagle point safely and got back inside lol. Moral of the story is don't lock your keys and phone inside without having numbers memorized. 
Later that day sister Frandsen and I knocked on a door and this lady let us right in. She is a less active member of the church and she said she was looking that morning for the church. She couldn't find it and said she told God if he wanted her to back to church he would send the missionaries. Then we showed up and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and sister Frandsen said she came to church Sunday so that was awesome!!
We also had a miracle at church. We have been working so hard to find people to teach and Saturday night I got on my knees and pleaded with Heavenly Father to let us see a miracle. So we walked into church and Lisa was sitting there with her 3 month old baby. She just moved here from Redding and her mom is a member. Her baby was sick and she asked for a blessing. The elders gave her baby a blessing and she cried through all of it. We talked to her after and she wants to learn more about the church. So we are going to have a lesson with her tonight at our bishops house!! We are so excited to teach her!! 
Another miracle is that Jenn from Klamath Falls is going to be baptized this weekend!! I'm going to ask and see if President will let me go, so hopefully I will be able to! 
Today for Pday we went to a members house and harvested some wheat and talked about in the scriptures where it says the field is white already to harvest and to thrust in your sickle with your might. It was way cool to be able to actually experience that!! 
I love Y'all and hope everyone is doing well💜
Sister Maddock


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