May 7, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Sister Knight

Transfer and STL to Central Point

Hey family and friends!! 
This week was kinda crazy. Just not a lot had been happening and transfer week is always stressful. But anyway we did a ton of service this week. We helped some recent converts move into a new apartment for 8 hours. It was insane. But they are an awesome family who have taken great care of me! So I have just been tired from packing other people and my self. But anyway so last night we were at the Church using the WiFi. It was like 8 pm. This guy pulled up and asked us why we go to church and so we got out and started talking about the sacrament and why we go to church. Well we introduced the Book of Mormon and an hour and a half later he wants to be baptized and be a missionary. He's only 21 so he can definitely do it! It was just really cool. His name is John and we are handing him to the elders but he is just going to grow so much in the Gospel!! 
Update on Jessie. We had a lesson with her this week and at the beginning she tried to tell us she can't join our religion because she doesn't want to label herself. We kept teaching and at the end she said those are my beliefs too so I guess I should call myself a Mormon. Anyway I love her a lot and I'll send a picture with her. She has the red hair. 
So I'm getting transferred to Central Point. My new companion will be Sister John. We are going to be sister training leaders so we are just over the sisters in the zone. I'm super excited! This is most likely going to be my last area before I go home. It's going to be really nice to get a new area and I'm just really excited! 
My new address will be 724 hazel street #1 Central Point, OR 97502 
Sister Maddock


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