April 9, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Sister Knight

Amazing week in the field!

Hey fam!

Well this week was crazy busy, but super awesome! I really love sister Shreve and we get a long super well. We work pretty well together.

So Tuesday we had a lesson with Jason at a members home. It was really awesome. The member told him that he wants him standing right by him in the family of Christ. That was a super spiritual moment. Then Friday we had another lesson with him, preparing him for baptism and he is just so cool and super ready!

Wednesday sister Shreve got sick so at the end of the night I went out with another sister. We went knocking on doors and it was like 830 and this guy named Greg answered. Well he talked to us untill about 9 and was super open to us coming back and loved the idea about receiving answers from Heavenly Father through prayer.

Thursday we had a cool miracle. The Spanish missionaries told us about someone they met when they were out walking around. So we stopped by because this guy speaks English. So he let us right in and asked us to start taking the discussions. YOU GUYS, THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN EVERYDAY!! He is super cool and loves that we have the Book of Mormon as another witness of Jesus Christ and that it doesn't take away or add to the bible. So we are going back on Tuesday to talk more!

Friday we talked to a guy named Tom. He was telling us about the loss of his daughter and how that was a hard thing for him to go through. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and how he will see his daughter again because of Jesus Christ. He started crying at the thought of that. He invited us to come back and teach him more as well!

As you can see this week was really good. Of course we had some opposition and people telling us they don't want to talk us, and then opening the door again to say they really don't want to talk to us. BUT, all these cool miracles definitely out weigh the bad!! I love Jesus Christ and I am grateful I can come to know him more through the Book of Mormon.

Love you all and have a fabulous week! 
Sister Maddock
55 w 29th Ave suite A
Eugene OR 97405


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