January 16, 2018


Coquille, Oregon


Sister Minor

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Hi everyone! This week was a little crazy. 
Haha we had a minor car accident with a cement block so we have been dealing with the car. But we had a cool experience with that. So we were trying to contact an investigator but we turned down a dead end road and had to turn around and that's when we hit the block. Well that put us like 40 minutes behind because we had to call our vehicle guy and then we spent like a while trying to put the bumper back on. Anyway we finally made it to the investigators house and we knocked on the door and she pulled up in her car and said perfect timing! So had we gone when we intended we would have missed her. We were able to set up an appointment with her! The Lord definitely leads this work and has a hand in what we do! 
This week we worked hard at just trying to find those who are ready to hear the gospel, so pray we find them ;) Today we came to Coos Bay for a zone pday. We got to celebrate my birthday a week early which was fun! Which by the way is on the 24th ;) but anyway we had breakfast and watched the broadcast from President Nelson. The Spirit definitely testified to me that he has been called to be a prophet of God. I am grateful to have a prophet on the earth to lead us and guide us and be the mouth piece for Heavenly Father! After the broadcast we went on a hike and we took a wrong turn so ended up going in a big circle for an hour a half lol. We did go to the ocean though lol. 
We had interviews with President yesterday and he told me I'm in Coquille to flip the area, because the work isn't progressing. So no pressure lol. But never the less we will work hard to find those who are ready! I love being a missionary and I am so proud of my best friend Maryn for choosing to serve. She's going to Canada, people!!! 
My new address is 510 24th st myrtle point OR 97458 
Love you all! 
Sister Maddock


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