December 4, 2017


Klamath falls, Oregon, Usa


Sister Williams


Sister Maddock
On Dec 4, 2017 4:13 PM, wrote:Hey cute friends and family! 
The past two weeks have been a blast and have gone by so fast. We have been trying to find new people to teach. People are going to bed a lot earlier since its colder and gets darker a lot quicker. 
We have still been teaching Jenn and she is doing great. She has definitley had satan influencing her though. She has been feeling not worthy to be baptized and that is making me real sad. Kristy is doing awesome though! We took her to a baptism on Saturday and she asked if she could get baptized sooner!! She is seriously the best! She asked sister Williams and I to be her bridesmades at her temple sealing. It was so sweet! Love her. We did some service for her this week. She is moving into a house and it is really rough. Haha it smelt so bad and had animal hair EVERYWHERE. We were glad to help her out though! I love teaching these two and I am so grateful for their commitment to learning. 

We had snow this week that actually stuck to the ground for the first time. So the night it snowed we pulled up to the church and all the elders just started throwing snowballs at me and S. Williams. It was sooo cold, but a lot of fun! Also today we bought a Christmas tree and it is super cute!!
This December we are trying to share light the world. We actually had a cool experience with this. We were getting gas and here in Oregon you dont pump your own gas. So we just started talking to the guy pumping our gas and shared light the world with him and he took our card!! That doesnt seem like a lot, but it was awesome to share it with this guy in the cold.
I encourage all of you to participate in Light the world this year. As you do, I promise this Christmas season will be filled with so much joy. Your relationships with family, friends, and most importantly the savior will increase. I love you all!! 

Sister Maddock


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