November 20, 2017


Klamath Falls, Oregon


Sister Williams

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WOW WOW WOW!!!! This week was straight full of miracles. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I will just start with Jenn! She has a baptismal date for Dec 28th. She is making such great progress and she sent us a message telling us how grateful she is to be learning about the gospel, because she has seen how hard her friends lives are without the gospel. That was super awesome and helped us know that she is sincere. 
On Tuesday we got a text from a woman named Melanie asking if she could  come to church with us. She had just got our number from a ward member and we had no clue who she was. She brought her husband to church and the ward was fabulous at welcoming them. I definitely think that they will be coming back and we are going to set up some lessons with them for this week!!
Another Miracle is about a girl named Kristy!! So she walked into Sunday School with her husband and the Bishop asked us to talk with them, and we just thought they were a new family in the ward. We took Kristy to relief society and she raised her hand and made a comment about her not being a member and Sis Williams and I just looked at eachother like WHAT??  So we met with her after church and gave her a  Book of Mormon. She only had one hang up and after we discussed it, she said that she felt like she knew all this before she came to earth. She also asked if she could be baptized Dec 23rd!! She then started talking about how she wants to be sealed to her husband one day. 
I also got to Skype Brian for his nieces baptism. I taught her for a little bit in Coos Bay and was able to see all of them. It was awesome! 
Needless to say it was a great week and I know that the Lord has provided us with these miracles because we kept pushing forward diligently after our week of struggling. I love you all and hope that you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I just want you all to know how Thankful I am for my Savior, Jesus Christ and that I have an opportunity to serve Him and his children!!
 With love,
Sister Maddock


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