December 2, 2018




Sister Blanchard

Hello from -26* C!!!

Hello from -26 DEGREES!

Just kidding!!

That's tomorrow's weather!!
Winter is back and my hair is freezing white again!

This week our investigator, Galina, canceled for the 4th time in a row. I told her over the phone, "Galina this is really hard for us to have you cancel and go back on your word. There are other people we could meet with but we are choosing to meet with you. If you aren't sure if you can meet, please let me know before hand, or don't schedule at all." She said "I have things to do ok? I have things that are time sensitive and I just cant meet today. What do you think is more important?" and I told her "well, your salvation is more important. "
She didn't like that.
Then I said "what is your address?"
G: "what?"
SW:"we're coming to help you, what is you address?"
So she gave it to us and we went out to help her. Turns out she needed to tell her landlord some numbers on her water meter THAT DAY or else she would be charged some huge fine. She couldn't read it, even with glasses, and was really worried when we called to confirm the appointment. So we read her the numbers, and then talked with her. We helped her on her phone and then talked about church. We aren't allowed to talk too much about our beliefs outside of the church so we just asked questions and listened.
Basically she came to the conclusion right there that she does in fact know the church is true.
The next day we had a lesson and she didn't cancel. We talked about recognizing the holy ghost and we got to a scripture that talks about the still small voice aka the spirit and how it is soft, but cuts to the core. She looked up and said "I've been looking for this for years." In her pray at the end of the discussion she said "Lord, I don't know why you took me to all those other churches but I'm glad you finally gave me the true one."
So we are working with her again, trying to get her to come to church. Please pray for her. She is the sweetest Baubs ever.
It's really cold and I'm having flashbacks of last year. Recently I've been breaking down about how much I love my mission. This has been the cOoOoOooLeSt thing I've ever done. I'm so happy and I've become a different person, a better person. I love the gospel and I love my life.
I'm frequently tired, sometimes my feet hurt, and I've become slightly addicted to chocolate from all the stress eating.
But I'm having the time of my life. It's so great to do hard things.

Love you all,
Sister Wilcox

Russian Orthodox temple
This dog is always by our busstop
me and sister B
its cold


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