November 25, 2018




Sister Blanchard

It's snegging!

hello all!!!
This week was so great it was sooooo warm!!! -1 C
we were in dream land! it snowed a ton but like that's all good. It for sure snows here way more than in Irkutsk haha its fun.

We sorta had a crazy week with the first week of transfers. Its always crazy trying to organize flights, buses, trains, and visas, and the new volunteers, but man its so much fun! Im still with sister blanchard (shes literally still so cool! President told us both in private interviews that when we are dating after the mission and meet someone that reminds us of each other, their the one! hahaha) but i got to serve with my new STL companion Sister Von Dan Herick! Shes from the netherlands and she is so cool and she keeps on asking me questions like i know what im doing hahaha jokes on her i don't most of the time.

We performed at a talent show and i sang my mission song!!! "Me and Julio Down By the School Yard" haha. About a year ago in Irkutsk I sang this song with sister Wilson for an activity and here I am with my trainee doing the same thing. The Russians LOVED it like always (why do they love whistling so much?) haha and we had a really good time. Lots of members and some non members came and it was a blast!

Isn't it so cool that everyone has different talents and that we can share them all??? like seriously i could never paint but i love art museums. I know sometimes we are unwilling to share our talents but seriously how rude of us! we are making other people happier and is that not the best feeling ever? to make someone smile or laugh, think or ponder is such a wonderful opportunity and service to others. Some of us don't know our talents or gifts but not learning them or developing them is silly. Everyone one of us has work to do here and the sooner you find out your personal mission here the happier you will be i promise!!

i love you all and hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving full of thanks and giving also its officially CHRISTMAS SEASON --LIGHT THE WORLD!!! if you don't know what that is look it up! its a program to do service for all december and its SO COOL!!
Sister Wilcox

1. when siberia stikes
2. the district!!! goodbye elder bringhurst!
3. litterally my fav cat in russia
5. kinds blurry but basically our member friend did our hair this week and she put a flower in my hair!!! ugh i was so embarrassed i haven't worn a flower in my hair in like 10 years and i had to wear it for all three hours of church!


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