November 18, 2018




Sister Blanchard

15? or 50 Cabbages?

First off i'm sorry i forgot to email all of you last week...
But anyway this week was awesome!!

About a year ago and a week lil baby sister wilcox flew into Russia, feeling a bit like a spy, but more than anything excited.
and now i'm all big and grown up trying to catch buses without running and slipping on ice, hoping sister blanchard is following, calling babushki to repentance or just listening to them tell life stories, speaking russian on the streets or loud in english so people can talk to me, or praying for forgiveness that i just bought the 500 ruble nuttella jar on sale. I love my mission. i love russia. The people here are so good. I almost cried yesterday when we were talking about a temple in Russia. They need one so bad! A member told us she has over 300 names ready. 300!

We were invited to a Relief society activity and cut either 15 kg or 50 kg of CABBAGES. We were there for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. it was awesome.

Last Monday we were on the Metro and i looked down and saw this woman reading ENGLISH. Her name is Anna and first she wanted to hire us to work at her school haha but then we became friends instead. We went to a cafe and we talked in Russian and English and it was so fun! i feel like I've found a long lost friend.

We had a conversation and when Elder Hoag was reading about a "dog" and a "duck" all the Russians were SO confused. Say those words in a russian accent and then you'll understand why.

When all of our plans fell though we sorta got lost, made friends with a bouncer who told us to walk "po svelamy", or in the light, so no one would get us at night. thanks bouncer guy. Also, found a less active and set up a meeting.

Our friend Lisa got really busy with school but we set up a meeting to meet with her i'm so excited!!

Sister Blanchard is the best. Her Russian is literally so good its crazy. she told me that she looked through the "scary liahonas" and i was like "what?" and she meant to say "old" haha the words sound similar in Russian.

I love this life. The crazy hard fun cold life i've lived for over a year now. i love giving over every skill, talent, and gifts back to the Lord. And man, do i love giving over weaknesses, failures, and all the hard things! I read yesterday where Jesus says "I am the Vine." and I love that comparison. He is our nourishment and strength. Without him, we are sticks good for nothing but firewood, but with him we can become beautiful strong branches bringing forth rich fruit and becoming something so great. Look at Moses, Peter, Joseph Smith and President Nelson. What amazing men they became because of the Lord! What fruit they brought forth!

I know that we can become so great through Jesus Christ. I love the person that i've become! What a hopeful thing. What amazing thing it is to see your own growth. I know Jesus is the Christ, the Redeemer of the world.

I love you all and have a wonderful thanksgiving! Thank the Lord for something you haven't thanked him for (maybe a trial!)
Sister Wilcox


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