October 14, 2018




Sister Blanchard

Hello, Goodbyes, and Bibimbop

Hello Everyone!!!
This week was wonderful here in good ole Novo.

We said goodbye to some old missionaries and it was really cool to see them all so grown and old and happy with their work. Im so grateful for the examples I have from the older volenteers. We love them and miss them!

Also Said goodbye to Sister Wilford. That was a weird one. We've been together my whole time in Novo so its strange to think someone else will be sleeping in her bed.

...and that is Sister Blanchard! She is my trainee!!!! and she is so cool i feel like Im being trained haha! She is from SoCal (Las Flores) so its weird to think but we totally could have been at some of the same dances and stuff haha.
She has got this great attitude about everthing and I feel so blessed. Plus she totally sang in General conference so shes famous. she is is on the left of the conductors head in the congregational hymn on saturday afternoon wearing pink. ill send a pic haha

This week honestly nothing super interesting has been happening. I have been out of the city on visa trip and ya. This next week however, is going to be awesome!! We are going to meet with our 2 friends of the church, and hopeful Vika too (vika is the one who has a grandma who is a member and she has been coming to church but she doesnt know yet if she wants to investogate further)

Oh duh, i almost forgot, we got a new branch presidency! We love our old one and are so sad to see them go, but we are SOOO excited for our new one!!! EVERY MEMBER IN THE PRESIDENCY IS UNDER 30!!! its gonna be so great. We also will be getting a new relif society presidency so we are really excited for that too!!!

Yesterday was fast sunday (we go without food and water for a time to devolop self mastery, recieve answers to prayers and recognise impressions and the influence of the Holy Ghost) and man after Visa trip i was wiped out and so weak and tired (2 red eyes two nights in a row....) so you bet when the sacrament bread came around I was sitting straight up waiting impatiently.
When it finally came to me i looked at the bread and silently thanked the hands that broke the bread into pieces a bit larger than usual, and partook.
Litterally it always tatses so much better on fast sundays.
So you can imagine me there, happy sister wilcox, chompin on her big piece of bread, content, grateful, and happy. And I thought
"I love the sacrament!"
Then I thought about it and I realised and remembered what the sacrament represents. Bread represents the flesh and water the blood of Christ. It represents the sacrifice that Chirst made for us- the atonement. It represents His love and the love of our Heavenly Father, who prepared a way for us to be clensed, purified, and ultimatly happy.
I thought about my hunger for the bread and how happy my tummy was when i ate it and how i could have just sang because the babushka who makes the bread makes is sooo delisious.
And it should be the same way spiritualy. We should want to partake of the atonement of Christ with all of our hearts. We are literally starving without it! We find joy when we apply his atonement and we are so grateful for Our Father in Heaven who prepared it for us.
I know that Christ actually felt every pain and sorrow that we felt and took all them upon us so that he would know how to succor us, help us, comfort us.
Jesus is the Christ! And it is the happiest message in the world. I'm so grateful I get to proclaim it, in whatever way I can.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Wilcox


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