September 22, 2018




Sister Wilford

Fish is better than sausage

This week was so great!!!
The work is finally picking up here on novo left bank and sister Wilford and i are always wayy busy!
this last week there were 3 nonmembers in our gospel doctrine class and i wanted to cry it was so great to teach!
We dont get to do a lot of teaching... because well its illegal, so i cherish all the moments at the church when we can talk about the gospel or in members homes.
We have had this awesome goal for finding to get 2 new numbers every week. This transfer we decided that finding wasnt going to be our focus, but we decided that goal should stay.
We havent really even tried super hard but we have been meeting so many people these past weeks its been awesome!

I read in one fo my friend's email on a mission in utah about how she feels so guided by the spirit.
i was like "man i want that more." and so it started with improving my prayers. Prayer is how we can communicate with our Heavenly Father. When we really try to listen to how we feel, what we think after and during a prayer, i know we can receive answers!
I have felt so guided by the spirit. I feel like for a fat second there i was working so hard and being so dilligent but it was all what I thought was working hard but it realality there were so many times where i feel like i just really was stubborn adn trying to do the Lord's work my way.
doesnt work like that!
im so grateful for the whispering of the spirit. I know that God wants to hear from us (prayer) and that he will respond (the promptings of the spirit).

I really love my mission. last week I hit a year mark (a year!) and i really just felt so so so blessed. It has been a fantastic year! i have learned so much and changed and its been so much fun.
I want to tell you all that i know that God can turn us into something so much greater that we could ever imagine. Im still flawed but the gift he has given me, the gift of myself, has been the greatest thing I have ever received. Im still Maddie, bobbi, whatever name i used before the mission ahaha but I look in the mirror and I love myself and who i am! im a daughter or a divine being! and I have so much potential.
ya im still the worst sometimes and eat too much chocolate or get mad at my comp, but I know that i can be so much more. I know im not defined by my past, my circumstances, and that i can decide my own future. I get to decide how much i want to progress. I feel like i finally gave up the fight and surrendered my will to God's will, and id doing this, i found out that it was never really a surrender. Its a victory!

Also at church we were waiting for the meeting to start and one of the members was like "hey you want to know a russian joke?" and i was like "sure" and he said "Fish is better than sausage!" and then he lost it laughing and so did a couple other members and im sitting there like...what? ahahaha i asked him to explain and he tried to... then said "well, its funny to us."
guess im still not russian
love you all have a great week!

1. SISTER SMITH GOT TRANSFERED TO NOVO!!! She is on the other side of the river but i get to see her a lot more now im so happy!!
2. finally i tried borsch from a russian!
3. Weekly planning...also pretzels work as linkon logs who knew
4. we went to nellie's (litterally the COOLES


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