August 20, 2018




Sister Wilford

Surprisingly it's Still Summer

Wow this week was AWESOME!

And it really flew by so fast.

On monday we went to this bab's house that we met a while ago on the street and she is so awesome. She's like 210 years old but she was loving meeting with us. Basically all of her family has died in a terrible accident or in war, and she just goes about living her own life in her tiny apartment. She was not interested in the church, but we made her week I think. or month. she doesn't really get out and she loved being with us. She told us to call her Baba Vala. haha.

On tuesday I was leaving for Barnaul for exchanges but we had some time before I left. Not enough to get in a meeting, so we just ran around looking for this crazy house. Sister Wilford walked up to this couple and asked them where this street was and man I seriously wish she would do all the talking because everyone we meet just falls in love with her it's awesome. Anyway this couple (Vladamir and Lybov) helped us find this place for like an hour. It was so funny because Vladamir was on his phone trying not to ask anyone directions, while Lybov was running around talking to every single person that walked by and asking if we were going the right way. hahha she was like "HEY we've got some AMERICANS here who need to find street Toolskaya. You know WHERE THE HECK IT IS??" and ya Vladamir was like "gosh dang it women we already know" and she was like talking to everyone haha it was so funny!

I went to BARNAUL and it was SOO AWESOME I want to serve there it was awesome. All of my predecessors have served there and so I've heard so much about it. I got to serve with SISTER RICHARDSONNN!!! she is so awesome! She like already knows Russian and its her first transfer. and she is not scared to open her mouth. Such and example to me! we had 3 meetings and got 3 numbers and everyone thinks that Sister Training Leaders are there to teach but I know its because I need to learn a lot. We had such an awesome successful day and I thought, "If I can do this here, why can't I do it in my own city??"
Next day we got 2 phone numbers and had 4 meetings booya!!!
Also HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!! I GAVE AWAY A BOOK OF MORMON!!! IN RUSSIAN. Ya first time hahah. I've given away a book of mormon in Thai, Mongolian, and finally in Russian. Her name is Liza, and she is 17, so we have to wait for permisison to teach her, but she wants to take the lessons!!! yayyyy!!! We have been praying to find someone to teach because we have no one right now and its just so cool that Liza just popped up out of nowhere. I'll keep ya'll updated!!
Anyway love you all so much!!! Have a great week!
Sister Wilcox


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