July 26, 2018




Sister Wilford

I am still not a Chef!

Wow this week was really nuts! I was out of my area for 4 days, then sister Wilford got way sick, then we had to get registered in the city, so i actually went on no meetings this whole week :(
But Korea was sorta crazy and great and honestly i just really missed my people in Novosibirsk!! I got so homesick for my area it was terrible!
I said goodbye to Sister Melton and Sister Jameson and Sister Conrad (didnt get o say goodbye :( )I feel like all my big sisters/mom (@sistermelton) are home!!! im sad!!
but its ok because luckily they keep sending us AMAZING sisters! 6 fresh beautiful sisters came into the mission and they were all SO READY to work it was AWSOME.
Also im an STL (Sister training leader) and responsibility is not so fun!! haha I want to be in training again!
But ya this week at church we had some fighting again and Nellie, the relief society president, handled it with so much grace and I'm so amazed by her! I seriously love her so much. Probably one of the most inspiring people I've met on my mission. I think she likes us too because yesterday she said "oh sisters by the way my son is coming from Krasnoyarsk this week. You should meet him. he's 20 and handsome." haha
I absolutely love the work and love my mission and it's kinda scary to see sister Melton go home, because she was where I am when we first got together as comps and seeing her go home makes me think that this mission is going way too fast!! Transfers feel like days and I'm so sad!
But its all good I've still got so much of my mission left and I'm so ready to work my butt off. The people here in Russia are so great and I love them so much.
Hope you all have a great week!!!
Sister wilcox


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