July 21, 2018




Sister Wilford

It's taken Care of

всем привет!!!!!
Wow this transfer really went out with a BANG.
This week was way crazy and seriously me and Sister Wilford were just running around like crazy people try to get everything done.
We had a couple activities that took us out of the city (I LOVE the city and there is so many fun things to do but going outside the city is my favorite thing ever. its always so refreshing and beautiful and usually means we are doing service which means JEANS haha).
On Wednesday all the volenteers went out to do some service and we met RUSSIAN HIPPIES. I knew there were here somewhere im so happy i found them. There were all so kind and we got there and did "excercises" with them that were HILARIOUS. Imagine biggest loser meets crazy Russian Baubushka.
Like every Russian ever they always feed you before the service, so after our exciersises we are sitting in the little campsite eating bread and oatmeal and sister wilfords's like "no thanks im good" but i mean, we're in Russia. These people also fear for sister wilford because she is so tiny so they always try to feed her haha but anyway this guy hands her this bread with throwup looking stuff on it (i forgot what its called, but its like a veggie smoothie/jam-not super tasty). She takes the smallest bite then just holds it the rest of the meal. We were all giving her a hard time and she was like "no im not gonna eat it." Other volenteers were eating it but she refused.
fast foward a couple minutes later we are getting ready to go and sister wilford doesnt not have her bread thing so an elder was like "wheres your bread?" and she gets all quiet and says "its taken care of." I still dont know what heppened to the bread. ok i just asked her and i guess she stuck it in the bushes haha.
The rest of the day we just cleaned up this huge trash pile and that ws way fun. Our Russian hippy friends were way cool and one of them was shouting at this guy for putting his trash on a different pile screaming "YOU THINK THIS IS TRASH PILE (it was very clearly a trash pile) WELL ITS NOT GO AWAY AND DON'T EVERY COME BACK" and ya save the environment! wooo earth!
Also we had this AWESOME pioneer activity behind the city and it was so cool! there was a baptism in the river and fun games and yummy food(thanks elder and sister Heizelbets!) and it was so great! The campsite was far from the river so we went on this little hike to go to the baptism and they were all like "we're going to the waters of Mormon!" and my favorite part was during the baptism, these random people come trampin along the other side of the river looking for mushrooms or somethig and this member was like "ламаницы..." (lamanites hahaha)
Church was so great this last week. The young womens president gave a talk about building zion where you live. I love what she said "God has commanded us to do it, so that means that it is without our power and that He will help us." They all want a temple so bad, but you can tell who really wants it in Novosibirsk. Nellie, our Relieif Society Presient wants it in her backyard haha. She is always working so hard to help the sisters in the branch. I really know that principle is true. When God comands us to do something, he is commanding us know that we can succed and can follow that commandment. "for I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them." Its such a comforting promise. it is SO possible to be obedient. we are so much more capable that we give outselves credit for. The people in Russia are just as capable as building Zion as we are to keep the sabath day holy. If it is commanded from God, it is posibble! That doenst mean that we wont fall short and make mistakes because thats just life. But we can be successful and obedient. Dont let your circumstances define you. You are much greater that a degree, job, family situation, or past sins, or current sins for that matter. We are children of a divine being capable of so much!

I love you all and I encourage you to be succesful now by being obedient!
Sister Wilcox


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