June 15, 2018




Sister Wilford

I'm a City Girl Now

Hello friends!!
So this week has been sorta crazy! Last Pday we ran up to the other buddist temple in ulan ude before i left and its SO COOL pictures below.
Then we said goodbye to everyone and ya that was the worst. I miss ulan ude but like I guess everyone does because its like the best city in the mission. I just feel a little jipped! the sister who replaced me had served in Ulan Ude for 10 months already! Something's fishy here... but ya Toyana got her mission call to England and she is so excited haha (we were doing mission prep with her) She got her mission call the DAY AFTER I left haha. The last meeting we had with her I prayed that the call would come fast and man I should have done that earlier so that it could have come when I was still there!
I spent a day in Irkustsk and that was way fun. I got to see Dasha and Nastia and the Smiths and as I got on that plane to go to Novisibirsk I litterally could not breathe my heart litterally HURT. I felt like I was leaving behind my firstborn child over there. I have like no connection to Novosibirsk and its sorta the worst because all I have known my whole mission is Irkutsk and Ulan Ude and they are like in the same area so its been really weird to come here. But ya I was greeted in the Novo airport by Sister Tucker! She is Training with transfers. wooo!!! but ya she was on splits with the STLs(
Sister Training Leaders) and so I got to catch up with her. She is still so awesome!
But ya last time I was at the Novisibirsk airport was when I got into the country! And this last Wednesday was my 9 month mark and lemme tell ya that is strange. I am with a sister who is younger than me and that's a first and ya its just really strange. I feel like all of a sudden I became this old missionary! President told sister Wilford (my new comp, she's AWESOME) that she was going to serve with an "experienced sister" and I'm sitting here like "WHERE. I DON'T SEE AN EXPERIENCED SISTER. I'M STRAIGHT OUTTA THE MTC." So ya. Novi is way cool its super big and I feel like I'm living in new york. I have no idea how to do anything here though because everything from transportation to grocery stores are COMPLETELY different in this side of the mission. So aka Sister Wilford is training me!
I have got to say though, I thought this was going to be a harder transition than it was. And I think all I can say is that ya it's hard and my heart hurts but I have so much hope. I know that God is going to help me though any difficulties here because he wanted me in a new city, with a newish sister, doing the work a bit different because I know I'm supposed to be here for some reason, and seriously I think the coolest thing about this all is that I feel a lot of things, but not fear. I'm not scared because I have faith that if God sent me to the concrete jungle, he's gonna teach me how to tame the tigers and babushki here. One of my favorite scriptures is "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." and I really know that I have no reason to fear what lies ahead. My new comp still doesn't really speak Russian, I don't know the city, I'm replacing a RUSSIAN sister who was in this city as long as I've been on my mission, but I'm not scared. Its a strange feeling, but really cool. I know that God is gonna come in clutch because he has every single other time. A prophet in the book of mormon says "I know in whom I have trusted" and that's really how I feel right now. I know my Heavently Father has got my back and I know I can trust Him. I know He loves me and I know He wants me to succeed, just as He does with every other one of His children. He loves me and wants my happiness, and he loves you and wants your happiness. We just need to hold on to our faith for a fat second and try him, because He will always come through.
Hope you all have a great week! Get off your phones and enjoy summer!
Sister Wilcox


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