March 22, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Sister Nelson and Sister Melton

WOW this week was really crazy. Like so so so nuts! ahhh hahaha!
So it was transfer week and that means that everyone is all over the place because people are going on visa trips and going home and coming in and everyone needs to have a companion at all times and stuff like that.
Sister Melton went on visa to Korea and she loved it but was a wreck after it. While she was gone, I served with Sister Nelson in Irkutsk!
Something way funny happened to us. We have been looking for service like in the city or with some kind of organization, and we finally found one through a stanger on the street, and we went to them and it ended up being this farm in the middle of the forest. so ya. Didn't have phone service for a second there and I thought I might die, but all good.
But man I loved serving with Sister Nelson. She is the best! Haha she is so funny and her faith in the work here is amazing. I have the hardest time sometimes believing that this is what God needs/wants me to do but then people like sister Nelson remind me that I am called by a prophet of God! And if the work didn't need to be done here then I wouldn't be here. It's so hard to feel like you're doing any good when your branch president is inactive, people yell at you for not understanding Russian, and no one will let you do service because you're american and "need to go help america first." Yesterday someone asked how Trump was doing. I said, I don't know but I really wanted to say "hold on let me call him."
Sometimes I just get so mad at people! We are so prideful and cannot accept help! And not only like physical help but spiritual help. GOD WANTS TO HELP YOU GOSH DANG IT. excuse my language
But seriously! I know that God doesn't want us to be miserable and I know that all of those bad feelings we get are coming from Satan. I cannot tell you all enough times that! Russian missionaries know it best. I'm not complaining about my call, because I seriously love Russia, but the work here is hard. It moves at a snails pace and the adversary wants it to stop so badly. But the work keeps working and the missionaries keep ministering through whatever we get thrown at us. And go figure we are soooo happy. We are always laughing. and we find joy because we know in whom we trust.
Sorry I went on a little rant there, but man I'm so pumped up about this. I learned on my mission that I am never alone. There are angels leading us and the spirit is guiding us and I know this work is the work of God.
Love you all and the snow is finally melting!
Sister Wilcox


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