February 22, 2018


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Work it!!! Work it!!!!

Ok so man oh man I think
I've peaked on my mission because literally how can it get better than this (well I would love a baptism... but anyway)????
This week was AWESOME again. We had two (TWO) lessons with Dasha because she is finally out of her rut and so so happy. She is so much more confident and we are going to talk to her about baptism soon! yaayyy!!! Also we got to meet with Moonoh(the one from Mongolia) and she is already in 2 Nephi and we've had like 3 lessons with her! She loves the scriptures and told us that if she finds out that this church is true she wants to get baptized! AHHHH WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! so ya then also we had zone conference all that means is that a group of all the missionaries get together and talk about how to be better and prastice teaching and stuff and it was soooo great. One thing that I really liked, is that we were talking about God;s love for us and President Lamb said "God loves us and knows us so well that He has the relationship with us as if we were his only child" WOAH. Man, he knows us so perfectly and He is so merciful (especially to the kind of missionary who gets mad one day and has a meltdown in the snow while shouting in English...ya I was gettting tired of my comp oops)
speaking of Comp I LOVE SISTER MELTON she is seriously such a blessing to Irkutsk. We have 4 investigators!!! FOURRRRR its crazy and I know its because of the work that she has been doing here. We were having kind of a weird awkwardness between us but then we talked it out and tears were shed (just mine) and we hugged and it was cheesy and great and again we are laughing at each other all the time and its great. I know that we can learn something from every single person we meet. I mean that. I think that Sister Melton and I are so different, that she has taught me more than I could have ever imagined! She is so great! Also she just hit a year on the mish! We got kimchi to celebrate.
I want to bear my testimony that this life is a life of learning. If you feel like you aren't learning anything, if you feel like you are the same person you were last year, please, stop wasting time and do something different. Choose to learn something. Ask God what he wants you to learn and I think I can say 90% of the time it will be more about him. You know why? because the closer we get to Him the happier we become. I promise that!
Also the pictures are working today so I'll try to send more!
Sister Wilcox
ps: the quote on the top comes from President Lamb during zone conference when we were taking pictures. hahaha he is too funny!


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