December 10, 2017


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Painting, Fainting, and Russian Soup

Ok wow WHAT A WEEK!!
Seriously this might be a tad long because I just had the most CRAZY week and i know other missionaries say that like all the time but they are not serving in Russia!

So to start out last P-day we went souvenir shopping for hours (Sister Wilson is on her last transfer and she leaves THIS SATURDAY. I am NOT ok) and it wasnt super cold but it snowed and snowed and snowed!
we were going to one store and we passed by all this local Irkusk artist and some of these painting, im telling you are serioulsy like some of the best ive ever seen. They were litterally just on the side of the sidewalk and had snow all over them and i was so sad that they might get damaged. I really wanted one but they were all huge so none were really plausible choices. So we get to the last one of the painters and there is this Russian man. And I mean like Russian. Like hes got the huge hat, crazy hair and beard, whiskers and eyebrows that probably touch the walls when he walks through doorways. And he tells me to come over to his painting and I don't know what was different about this guy but I HAD to do it. so i go over and all his paintings are super tiny! and if you know me i LOVE tiny things (if you think thats weird just go watch "tiny kitchen" on Instagram and tell me you aren't in love) and so i bought one for like 3 dollars and I was so happy! I love art and was planning on bringing something home with me and it was so perfect.
Also there is this candy her called "max fun" (like in english) and it is so yummy and has poprocks in it and when you eat it it sounds like a stadium cheering you on in your head. very nice when you are feeling discouraged.
We had another Music Night and it was sooo funn! So many friends and potentials came! We performed "me and julio down by the school yard" by Paul simon and i did the whistle solo part in it and everyone FREAKED out. THey loved it! I guess i am a really good whistler? i didnt know that before hahaha. Also Russians have this thing where if you whistle indoors you wont get any money??? so good thing no babushkas were there or else I would have gotten some extreme lecturing after that hahaha.
Ok also some Nina time! Nina is the crazy babushka ive been talking about and this week she decided to do an extreme home makeover so we were at her house several days in a row painting (wallpapering next week weeeee!!) and she is sooo funny. Her house is the cleanest thing ever and so i was painting like over dead cockroaches and through spider webs but I mean thats ok! Also its way cold outside so we couldnt open a window and so we were like dying from the fumes and ya. anyway the next day we go over to finish and he grandson was just sleeping on her couch and we painted around him for like 2 hours before he woke up hahaha it was so funny and kinda uncomfortable (this grandson is like 30) but it was great! I spilled all over her floor and ruined my only pair of jeans but I have never seen her happier!
MIRACLE TIME. so there is a less active girl in our branch who is from Mongolia and her Russian isnt super good but anyway we had a plan to meet with her and she just showed up with her cousin. We talked about the Book of Mormon and turned to the cousin and said "do you want to read the book of Mormon?" and she was like "ya" and we about fainted. I was like "wait what?" sister wilson said "шас, что?" and Boorma (the member) said something along the same lines in mongolian. So then She took the book of mormon home (we luckily had one in mongolian!) and met with her the next day and she wanted to learn more! We taught her the Restoration of the gospel and she was like "ya this all makes sense." And we were all so joyful! Every time we would talk about the Book of Mormon, she would smile and hug the book. Like seriously, she already loves the Book of Mormon! It was awesome! We are trying to work with her more but she knows less russian than me(which is saying something) and Boorma has to translate but she is always busy but still it was awesome! Her name is Moono (moon -oh) and we are already in love with her!
So also Why is Russian soup so good?? I went to a restaurant with another investigator, Dasha, and I was served my soup BOILING. Like literally it was boiling. So ya my goal for my mission is to learn how to make soup like the Russians. Of course I have other ones but this is very important. The soups here are like heaven!.
So thats all folks!
#lighttheworld (
Merry Christmas!
Also I have been on the mission for 3 months???
Sister Wilcox


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