November 26, 2017


Irkutsk, Russia


Sister Melton

Boots and Hats n Boots n Hats n...

Greetings from Siberia my droogs ('droog' = friend)
This week was the bestt!!!!!
Ok so speed round STORY TIME:
This dude (late 30's) told me that if I never found a husband that I could come back to Russia and marry him...??? Well at least I have a backup plan.
The crazy babushka I talked about last week (N) yelled at her cat this week for tearing down the lining in the window...but it wasn't in Russian, or English. it was just "MEOW MEAW MOAW MEOW, meaw meow MOEW MEOW!!" and she yelled at her cat only in "meows" for maybe 5 minutes. She also said something sooo sweet and profound. I was trying to say something and I couldn't really say it how I wanted to so I kept on looking at Sister Wilson for help and then N yelled at me and said, basically, "just go for it! I don't care if you mess up!" and that's how most Russians are. They know that their language is hard and most are super kind and helpful.
Some of them aren't though... like another dude just laughed for 5 straight minutes while I tried to read a verse... k thanks V. He's the investigator that also firmly believes interracial marriage is a sin...
Also another babushki gave us tea and fruit when we visited her and her cat wouldn't stop jumping on my lap so she grabbed the cat by like one arm and threw him out. Like legit threw the cat outside. Like the cat was spinning head over tail and it soared over the threshold. Also it was snowing outside and the cat literally could have froze. It meowed at us for like 15 minutes while we drank tea and when we asked her what the ca'ts name was, she was like "I don't know... I usually call him cat. Sometimes I forget about him and he stays outside for a couple days."
THANKSGIVING!!! WOOOOOO it was such a blast!! We got to eat one here with all the american volunteers and this senior couple (also volunteers from America) who hosted it and it was so fun. I forgot my camera to come email so next week I'll send pictures! But it was chicken and there are no sweet potatoes here but it was still so yummy and we were all grateful and full and that's basically all you need right??
THERE ARE SO MANY CHRISTMAS TREES all around town. It's so exciting! AHHH I love Christmas!
Also I tried a kinder egg! Ha! wow so exciting! I got an owl ornament. It was way cool. I also tried Russian ice cream! Its freeeeeeezing here but everyone still eats ice cream hahaha . I love it. And it was so tasty! The food here is so good!
We had zone conference and it was awesome!! Basically a lot of training on how to be a super duper 10/10 volunteer and it was super fun and we ate Papa Johns! (ikr whaaatttt)
But more on thanksgiving.... I love thanksgiving so much. It's like pre- Christmas and it is so great! I love food also so I mean that's always a plus. But I love that people stop and think about what they are grateful for. So here's my short list:
boots and
hats and
boots and
hats and
tights and
coats and
scarfs and
ya thats about all. (totally kidding) I also am grateful my family and this church and my friends who are all over the world serving the Lord and my friends who are at home serving there too. I am grateful for this gospel and grateful for the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and this upcoming holiday and I'm an so so grateful for Russia!! It's sooooo cool here. The culture is rich even though some people are poor and people are so warm even though its so cold outside. I'm grateful for this amazing earth that God made for us, His children.
Russia is wayyy fun and I love it here more and more everyday. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures!
Love you all and I hope your thanksgiving was amazing!
Sister Wilcox


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