November 13, 2017


Missionary Training Center


Sister Tucker

Greetings from Russia

I have to tell myself this over and over again because It doesn't seem real. Only when I walk outside and the wind steals my breath away and makes my eyes water and my teeth numb. I smiled outside once and my smile got stuck because it was so cold. Sorry to start out all my emails with how cold it is but honestly that's all that i can think about.
Russia is SOOOOO cool. I flew through Moscow and WOW ITS SO BIG. People drive really fast here but no one ever gets into accidents. coincidence??? Maybe when I get back Illl drive really fast and yell in Russian out my window and then I will never crash. No need for seatbelts. I know the real answer to staying safe!
So I went to Novosibirsk and it was snowing when I got there and it was so magical. The people here are so kind and so sassy hahaha. Novisibirsk is really cool and my mission president is really cool too! I love Sister Lamb and President Lamb. When we got in the car driving away from the airport he said "well sister wilcox... can you do a headstand?" and I was super confised and said "...yes I think so actually" and he said "good." Then later when we got to the mission home he shows me my mission application and I apparently said "I can do a headstand" in my application! I do not remember that! hahaha he said that ever since he read that he knew he was getting a nut job from the MTC. I said bye to sister Tucker who is like by Japan on this island and I am in Irkutsk! I'm actually not sure how to spell it but ya. I haven't taken a lot of pictures so I'm sorry next week! Its really pretty and right next to the biggest freshwater lake in the world! Lake Baikal (I think that's how you spell it in English). But this lake is MASSIVE and apparently in the winter it freezes over! But my trainer is Sister Wilson and she is AWESOME. I love her to death and she is going to be such a help for me. Rubles are like monopoly money to me right now and I can say just about nothing but she is so willing to help and she is so nice and doesn't laugh at me most times.
I don't really have anything to report. Mostly this week and a half that you haven't heard from me was traveling....
OH YA ok so we went to this rest home and gave soup and stuff to old people and they were so nice and so funny and we walked around with them and stuff and I was just so grateful that I'm here. We made this one lady's day and she kept on saying in Russian "come again, come again" and even though I can't speak Russian, I can serve the people here and that's really what matters. When we were walking with one of the ladies I just felt a distinct impression that God loved her so much and he was so proud of me for helping her feel joy. And I knew that my service here is important. Different, but important. I can feel the love God has for these people and the ones I've gotten to know, I love them so much already.
Also Airports are the worst but God helped me get though the long hours of waiting because there were like 3 puppiess in the airport and they were all cute.
ALSO WOW the food here is sooooo good! I thought I knew all the tricks with potatoes but wow they put them in everything and it is so good. Also Russians love mayo????? Ya idk.
Love you all and hope you had just the best week ever!
бака бака!
сестра вилкокс
Sister Vanner (my teacher in the mtc) brought nuts for us to stick in our mouth so that we could learn how to roll our R's
my famous chicken nugget microphone
waiting in the airport with my district from the MTC.


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