September 7, 2017



Showers Are For Singing Time Only - 1st Week

I have survived the first week of the  MTC! If any of you are wondering if CEbuano is a hard language....IT IS! Take all of what you know about English...and throw it away. Haha but seriously thats what I have to do. One of my teachers looks like Rapunzel and I like to pretend a princess is teaching me. Haha basta(cebuano for anyways) , I feel like a certain brother of mine should talk to her. We teach everyday to an investigator. Its really hard considering we have to teach in Cebuano but guess what? When you have the spirit in the lesson you are able to say more with you heart than with your words. the investigator said yes to baptisim yesterday!! This made me so happy! (She's more of a practice investigator but don't you dare think My companion and I dont give our all everytime!

I was starstruck this week! Remember those bloggers I always talk about? Willivia and Bella in Berlin? Well I kind of Love their blogs and in lunch the other day a missionary leaned over to my companion and asked if the food was good. The food was Chick-fil-a and if was my companions first time having it so i said "ITs Actually her first ti-" I was looking at Willivia's brother in law. I stared at thim for a bit and finally said are you related to Olivia. He looked surprised and said yes. I said how much I loved her blogs and he smiled and said he's tell her I said that. I am so happy to meet a relative to people who had such an influence on my decsion to serve a mission. My companions were laughing at me for my face because I looked like had seen a ghost. It was funny one of the Elders in my district thought I was depressed and he asked very sincerely if the Elder he over heard me talking about was okay. Haha I started laughing very hard. It's kind of embarrassing to say you are Mormon-star struck.

My district is very nice. It took a couple days but they finally started talking to eacother. The big bonding topic? Narauto! haha I guess it's kind of obivious that my companion and I are the only girls in the district. We have about 6 hours of class everyday. 3 hours of study time. I feel like everything is go go go! But I guess thats what we have to do when we are getting ready to preach the Gospel to the world.
The sister in my branch are very kind. We went to the Temple today! they like to hear my funny stories. I try to make everyone happy here because I know they secretly are very homesick. But don't you worry about me. Whenever I think of home I feel happiness instead of sadness. A true blessing from the Lord! Yesterday we played basketball and what would you know.. I still am very bad at it (got hit in the face, what else is new?)! 
The showers make me feel uneasy. I thought it would be my time of peace but it is only music time for some sisters. Haha they sing and it sounds like angels.If only I had such vocal ranges. I only know DEath CAb for Cutie so you might understand the sisters shock when I started singing some of their lyrics. I guess I'll be sticking to the hymns. Haha.
The Elders here are very young. It use to surprise me that the Lord called such young men to preach His Gospel (they are 18). But when I hear them speak I know that they are ready for this work. They ahve the spirit and I know they know they are called of God to serve. I know it seems scary fro such young people to go off and spend 18 months or 2 years preaching the Gospel to wherver they are called. But at some point these people here have relalized how blessed they with the Gospel and it is their DUTY to preach it, whereever they are called. There are the occassional missionaries I see who relcuntaly say  Iowa or Arizona when I ask where they will be serving. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. EVERYONE NEEDS THE GOSPEL! You are not called for a vacation! You are called to serve! Do not think you are less than others if you do not like your call. THe Lord knows who NEEDS you. I don't know who needs a tall awkward white girl in the Philippines to tell them God lo9ves them...But I"n GOING to do it.  There is an Elder in my branch on his way to become a doctor and he is 25. He is so happy to be here. Isn't taht crazy? Medical school requires so much work but he knows the Lords work is more important and when you are called you do not question it, you just go. 
I miss you all very much! I can ready emails anytime during the week but I can only respond on P-days so please understand why they may be so short!
I know I am doing the right thing being here! The Lord does not make mistakes when He calls us to serve. I hope you are all doing well and if you are in Florida reading this I hope you stay safe duriong the hurricane (I'm looking at you mom and day! No yard saleing on saturday!)
I love you all very much!
See ya when I see yaLove,Sister McKendrick​


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