September 14, 2017



AYYYO AYYYO - 2nd Week

I am alive! Haha but for reals I was sick this week and the fact I feel alive is a big improvement. Let me try to think what happened this past week.... My companion Sister Smith is leaving for the Philippines she leaves next Wednesday and I know she is more scared than she lets on. So i am being EXTRA kind to her as much as I can (she has one of those personalities where they like to argue over little things, big things, and all things) I love her anyways. i know she will do amzing things in the Philipines and that she will master her language. 
Is everyone safe from hurricane Irma? I pray you all are. I wasn't given that much information from all of you and I hope everyone is all right. Throughout the week I was BLESSED  to hear other missionaries say how big the storm was going to be. I even went to buy some stuff in the store and I was wearing a Florida shirt and the elderly cashier lady started asking if my family was going to be okay from the category 5 storm that is coming. Umm no I do not anything because I am not allowed internet access unless it is on Thursdays and even then am I only allowed to write friends and family.It was a big test of faith. But my teacher Rapunzel knew my fear and she read updates Lakeland and told me that everyone should be safe. She also told me that she Nasyaud (knows in her heart) that my family will be safe. I think I always knew you all would be safe but her testimony helped me understand that you all would be. 
A funny thing that happened this week was that during my shower time Sis Eyslee and I were singing Disney songs back and forth to each other. And I remebered I had some shaving cream that I found in the "Please take it if you want it box". I yelled "Sister Eyslee poke your head out of the curtain right now!" she was a little weirded out but she said okay. I then sang "Did they send me daughters.." Then I poke my head out with a huge beard of shaving cream and look Sis Eyslee in the eyes and fisnished with "WHEN I ASKED FOR SONS?" hahaha Sis Eyslee laughed SO hard. I promise I am an adult. I promise.
Everyone here is sick. it started with Sister Smith (who gets really loopy when she is sick, like she started asking at bed time is stars are actually rainbow colored). And then I SOMEHOW got sick too. I really wanted to attended all my lessons that day so I kept on telling everyone I was fine. These are some of the signs that I was in fact NOT FINE
-Me telling a Elder I do not know "You are the problem" when he coughed and did not cover his mouth-Whenever someone said I looked "Unhealthy" I replied quite curtly, "Well that's my face soooo"-All the lessons we gave that day did not go well. I had no idea what I was saying in Cebuano and poor Sis Eyslee had to just roll with whatever came out of my mouth-And the final thing that made me agree to take some rest (this was at the end of the day where our final class was being held) Sis Eyslee asked me what we should teach our next person and I was sitting on the ground and I thought for a moment and I looked at her with confidence and said, "Let's teach him about Christmas!" Everyone in the room stared at me and one Elder said " Sis McKendrick you're sounding drunk. Please go to bed" 
Haha the real person who persuaded me to go to bed was Sis Rapunzel (once again not really her name but she looks so much like her I just have to call her that). She told me it is better to be healthy and learn what others have learned previously than to learn in the moment when our bodies can't handle it. She also promised Sis Eyslee and I tutoring if we need it. Private lessons with the princess of Corona? COUNT ME IN! Haha she is literally the sweetest teacher. She speaks 6 languages and I told her that it doesn't surprise me a single bit. This girl is too perfect I swear. The Elders gave me a blessing before I left and it was very sweet. I know they are righteous young men here to serve the Lord.
Anyways I took some rest and I have to say i am definitely feeling better! I have to say I am faring better than one of the Elders in my class who said in class on Monday "The doctor says I definitely maybe have pink eye" Sis Rapunzel kicked him out. And he hasn't been back in a while. I asked the other Elders if he is okay and they say "Oh he's okay. He looks dead, but he's okay" I am starting to become concerned with what Elders deem "Okay".
I cracked a joke last night that sent all the Elders biting their cheeks to hold their laughter. I was pretending to be a filipino who doesn't know how to pray and our teacher was pretending to be a missionary who was teaching me how to. After she gave me a huge explanation she asked me to repeat the steps. The first one was to address God (like say "Dear Heavenly Father). I slowly nodded my head and yelled "AYO AYO!" to the sky. (saying "Ayo ayo" is the way of like knocking door in the Philippines but we just yell "ayo ayo!") haha some Elders cried. 
My fellow sisters and I went to the Temple today! It was great as usual. It is such a beautiful day today it's a little dark and there is a slight wind. If you look at the mountains you can see the leaves on them are changing color. It is so beautiful. I think people who grow up around mountains take for granted how beautiful they are. OK here's a cheesy thing I do with my companions, everyday for study time they ask where we should study. Sister Eyslee says "ambot"(I dont care), Sister Smith says "ambot", and then I get to suggest the fourth floor of the new building that has the hingpit(perfect) view of the mountains. Then when study time is over I look at the mountains and watch the sunrise over them. I KNOW I SOUND CHEESY OKAY??? Ah but I love it so much, they really are beautiful.
Okay I think that is all I'll just leave you with the funny line of the week I heard that has been cracking me up every time I think about it
*in the book store*Elder: Oh my goodness i can't believe my family sent me *raising voice a little louder* 21 pounds of mountain dew!

Hahaha i guess caffiene withdrawls are real. (I know Taylor Swift withdrawls are real too. No one has given me updates if her comeback has been successful or not). Basta(anyways), i love you all and I hope you are having a great time. Haha doesn't BYU-I start soon (or now)? i kept thinking about the snow when I was laying in bed sick. ambot, I just kept thinking about every step it took to get to class and how i would take giant icicles and call them ice swords. 
I am so happy to serve the Lord and i know that there are hard times ahead but i also know that it is better to give just 18 months of my time so others can be with their families forever. it isn't easy to be away from all of you but when I remember my reason for why i am here, i am able to stay strong.

P.S I had another Mormon starstruck moment this week, well actually two. On Sunday i high-fived some little kids as I was leeaving church and their mom was recording it all. The dad of those kids? Chad Lewis. The football player who jumps over all the other guys. yeah his kids wanted MY high-five. Be jealous.I bet if you go on Michelle Lewis's Facebook page you will be able to see that video. OKAY, my other starstruck moment was the MTC President's wife patted me on my shoulder and said "Hello!" as I was shoving some pasta down my throat at dinner time. She then walked on by as if it wasn't a big deal that she(being the amazing human being she is), said hi to me.  Oh my goodness I almost choked.
P.SS The pic of me with weird mark on my chin is me with weird marks that a porestrip gave me. All my companions thought i drew tiger stripes on myself. haha no. I am just incapable of using porestrips correctly.
Love love love,Sister McKendrick


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