September 21, 2017



Week 3 At The MTC

Hello everyone! I have had a crazy week as usual so LETS GET THIS STARTED!
First, it's been pretty cold this week so you already know I have been sucking it up like nobodies business. (I was told to only bring one sweater fro the Philippines, but I totally forgot the fact that I'll be here till mid October.) When it was raining I tried to find the fun in it and I made a new game called survival. It's where while you are walking through the rain you blow some bubbles in the rain and see which one survives. I'm just gonna let you know right now it was not the most exciting game but I feel like anytime you blow bubble you feel a little better.
One of our Philippines districts just left for the Philippines this week. This meant my companion Sister Smith had to go. This was sad because her and her district were all so nice and funny. It's hard to make friends as see them go but I am happy to make friends even if we will be friends for only a little while. 

In Relief Society we were talking about Agency and it finally hit me. I chose to be here. I know that may seem silly like because I obviously did choose to be here but for months prior to my mission call I prayed to know which choice to make. To serve a mission or go back to school. I was praying to make the right decision and I received no answer. In the end I just had to choose. I chose here (obviously) but now I have realized something. Both school and mission were good choices. There was NO wrong choice. I think often times we see our choices as if if one is good and one is bad. Sometimes they are both REALLY good. And in those moments God wants YOU to choose. He knows you can. I when I realized that I looked around and saw all my fellow Sisters in Relief Society and I felt so happy I made the choice to be here.
This week for some reason I felt like I was getting comfortable and if there is one thing about being comfortable it's meaning you are not growing. SO I kinda asked God to make things a little uncomfortable for me. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. On Sunday I was sitting in Sacrament and it got announced that Sister Smith will be released from being a Sister Training Leader (STL) and that Sister Osmun will remain one. This made me happy because Sister Osmun is such a great leader and she was kinda born for this position. I sat in content knowing all the sisters were in good hands
The content didn't last long.
I then heard "And Sister McKendrick is also called to being an STL"
I felt like Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire when his name gets called. WHO PUT MY NAME IN THE- Oh wait God made this choice. Okay. I'll just do what He wants and not question why He wants me to be a leader to the Sister missionaries here in our Zone. I have no idea what I am doing but I know I am doing it really well. Also Sister Osmun and I have a cell Phone now. THAT'S RIGHT WE HAVE THE POWER OF CALLING #2! Which is just the front desk. I will be sure to use my power with great responsibility.
After that my fellow Sisters gave Sister Smith a nice farewell (even though she this was only Sunday and she was leaving on Wednesday) It basically consisted of us singing a modified version of "Hey Jude" but turned it into "Hey Sister Smith" and while we were singing one Sister was blowing bubbles the entire time. After the "na na na na" part I quoted some Shakespeare and then we went around telling Sister Smith what we love about here. It was a nice send off. She totally didn't see it coming because we planned everything 4 minutes before it happened.
Also on Sunday some Sisters were singing T Swift and I my companions KNOW I struggle with T Swift withdrawals and so while we were walking they began to hold me close and sing "Come come ye Saints" and my voice began to shake as I tried to ignore the T Swift and sing "Come come ye Saints". Haha I was literally shaking. I think the Sisters being us singing got the hint that we try not to sing pop songs here because they stopped. T Swift withdrawals are real. It was probz one of the most dramatic moments of my life.
On Tuesday I was taking a shower at around 9 at night and the worst music started to play. Yeah you know what I mean, the fire alarms. If you ever watched Arrested Development Michael BLuth makes this face and says "I don't know what I expected" and if you watch the Office Michael Scott makes screams "ITS HAPPENING" during a fire alarm. I was a mix between both Michaels. Anyways momma didn't raise a quitter so I grabbed my robe and helped lead my fellow Sisters downstairs outside to safety. The building wasn't on fire but we still had to stand outside for an hour or so. Everyone was in their warm PJ's and I was in my robe. Remember when I said it's been pretty cold here? Yeah that night was cold too. All my friends looked at me and told me they knew out of everyone that would be showering during a fire alarm it would be me. They also told me my life sounds like a movie. Too many people tell me that. I am starting to think i am on the Truman Show. (My friend took a pic of me while this was happening so I'll try to post it next week if she sends it.
Last night the Zone Leaders and STLs were in charge of welcoming in the new missionaries. (Sister Smith and her District left earlier that day and these new missionaries will be taking their places. I hate goodbyes. If I ever tried to say goodbye to you before you know I suck at them.) The new missionaries look very sweet and I am excited for them to serve! I hope I can be the STL they need. Haha I even did my hair and makeup yesterday because and when one of my sisters asked why I was doing it I said "These are new missionaries. Maybe if I look like I have my life together they will think I have my life together". Haha here's hoping! 
I hope you all had a good week. I hope these blog posts make you happy. But most of all I hope you know God loves you. He cares about you and He wants you to know Him. So I encourage you if you haven't in a while (or ever) prayed to Him. Do it. He wants to hear from His children and if nobody has told you this, you are His child. Please do it He loves all of you so dearly.
MORMON STARSTRUCK MOMENT OF THE WEEK: I got to hear from Elder Cook this week during Devotional! It was broadcasted around the world and I was in the choir so I was on the screen a few times. Wow I guess I am a Mormon celeb too? haha jk I am just a Sister trying to serve.
LINE OF THE WEEK (there's two): *Elders from Sister Smith's District*Elder N: Elder W is so nice, he makes my bed every morningElder W: No, I short-sheet your bed every morningElder N: I still count it.
*Elders from my District after talking about memes for a while*Elder H: If we teach by these memes we will be the first meme-sionaries

Oh my goodness i am going to have a six-pack from all the laughter these Elders give me.

P.S the pic of me wearing the weird outfit is a collection of clothes i found in the sharing bin. My Sisters said I looked like Willy Wonka so then i started sing some of it's songs. haha i promise i am almost 20.
Gugma(Love)Sister McKendrick


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