September 28, 2017



WEEK 4 at the MTC

I am still alive! This is good news because if I was dead i would not be able to serve a mission in the Philippines! HAHA but for reals....I love being a missionary.
This week started off a bit rough when I kept on getting headaches. No matter how many Advil's I took (don't worry mom. i took the suggested amount) i still had a headache! I told my companion this and she told me maybe i was dehydrated. the problem with that is that i KNOW myself and these headaches were totally not from that. the headache got worst at around 3 AM and so I got up and dramatically walked to the water fountain in the hall. you would've thought I got shot from how long it took me to get there. Basta(anyways), i get to the water fountain, my head is hurting and suddenly Daniel Radcliffe is telling me to drink the water. You know that scene in Half Blood Prince where he keeps telling Dumbledore to drink the nasty water and DUmbledore is crying because it hurts so much? THat was me. The water wasn't nasty, i am just dramatic. Just imagine a tall weird girl wearing blue berry pj's trying not to cry as she is imagining Daniel Radcliffe saying "Just drink a bit more. Please, please you're almost done." BASTA, turns out i was dehydrated. I'm all good now.
On Sunday I had my first Branch Meeting! Guess who else was there? PRESIDENT WEIDMAN(One of the presidents of the MTC). Oh my goodness he is such a nice guy. He us some advice that I think you should all know "I have found that the friends on my mission where our friendship was based on worldly things, only lasted the mission. THe friendships where we bonded over the spirit though... are still my friends to this day". WOW. THis is so true. the friends of which I only joked around with before are not as close as the friends who know my heart. 
On Tuesday was Devotional AND I MADE IT ON THE SCREEN AGAIN WHEN IT WAS CHOIR TIME! Did I see myself? No. You are not supposed to look at the cameras. But my friends tell me that I was on it so I believe them. Am I famous? Totally. I am also humble too. Elder Bragg from the 70 spoke at Devotional and as always Devotional was amazing. If it wasn't considered irreverent I'd probably be going "WHOOOOOOOO!!!" whenever the Devo speakers walk up to the podium.

As I was writing some notes in my Spiritual journal (super important to get when you serve a mission) I had the most amazing thought, "Hey, maybe I should actually look back on the things i write in here". WOW. AMAZING. Whoever wrote inside that journal is so cool (haha it's me. i'm cool). Bur for reals, everyone and everything is so inspiring here! I have learned so much and when I look back on all these notes I feel so blessed with how much I have learned. What I have learned is not write down word-for-word what you hear but to write down your feelings on what you hear? Does that make sense? I hope it does. I was looking back on my notes and I saw I wrote down something that one of the Elders said in class the other day. He said, "Work hard. Don't worry.". He was talking about missionary work and how that basically to do what we need to do we just need to work hard and not worry. That really reached out to me because I love to work hard and I LOVE to worry! Haha turns out I should be doing one of those things!
I was a bit frustrated this week because I kept on messing up in the lessons we were giving. All these lessons are in Cebuano and so they are not the easiest thing to do. The problem is I can get so fixated onto one thing that I just can't focus on anything else. Basically I keep beating myself up over the little things and it is harder to concentrate on the spirit when I am being so mean to myself. BUT I once heard that the more mistakes you make when speaking a language the closer you get to actually getting it. So basically I am super close to becoming fluent. Haha jokeing, but for reals I am looking on the bright side of this situation and just choosing to move forward.
Something that happened this week was that I was playing volleyball for the first time in years and I was actually not that bad? Yeah! I was serving and getting that ball over the net like NOBODIES business! Suddenly while I was playing I had this huge pain in my forearm. I couldn't move it without feeling immense pain. I had to sit out. As I was sitting out I was trying to figure out what this pain was and then it hit forearm is trying to use it's muscle I've been Ignoring for years. Haha, wow, welcome back muscle! Also I would like to let you all know I did NOT get hit on the face (this is good news for those of you who know my record of this).
Once a week the sisters gotta do cleaning. This requires a early breakfast from the sack breakfast line. Sis Eyslee and I were determined to beat the agonizing line so we woke up SUPER early? How early? 5:30? Yeah this was a full proof plan. Good news? WE WERE FIRST IN LINE!!!! Bad news? Yeah turns out the line opens up at 6:30 not 6. Oh well, you gotta lose some rest if you wanna be the very best. And we were the best like no one ever was because no one else was there. Just us early birds. Oh well.
The mountains have snow on them. I kinda stared at them for a while the other day. I thought "I know there is no way these can be any more beautiful" and then I put on my glasses. BOY WAS I WRONG. God gave us such beauty to look at and wow if you haven't noticed it, beauty is everywhere.
There were some Christmas lights on this week. It made me so happy I asked Sis Eyslee to take my picture. It was kinda silly to do and I thought no one saw. I was wrong one of the Elders from my District called me out on it at Breakfast. I don't regret the picture though. I love Christmas and I love trees, so pics of them combined are needed.
Hmmm let's something is happening tomorrow and I can't remember what....OH YEAH, it's my birthday! Today  I went to the Temple. I was sitting there and I thought "I am spending my last day of being a teenager surrounded by all these old people" and then I smiled because I next said in my head "And there is no place I'd rather be". I am so happy to be a missionary, I am so happy to serve the Lord, and I am so happy to surrounded by people who love the Gospel so much they are putting their lives on hold so others can be together with their families forever. It's great to be a missionary. 
My birthday wishes? To hear from the General Authorities and listen to their wise words. WHAT?! General Conference is this Saturday and Sunday?!?!?! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! If you have been feeling down, normal, or happy I advise you to watch General Conference this weekend! Conference is amazing and you should watch it.
 Last week I asked you to pray to God, did you do it? If not I advise you to do that (and keep doing it if you did do it) and ask God a question. THEN watch General Conference and I promise you your question will be answered. That is how awesome conference is. Seriously, it's the BEST.
I love you all so much. Another birthday wish that you can make come true for me is the friends who said they would email me, email me....that would be nice. I still love you but you are slack'n. But if you have to choose between Conference and a email to me choose conference. That is how great it is. Seriously.

LINE(S) OF THE WEEK: *Courtesy of Elder R overhearing an elderly couple* Wife: For the last time Jerry...THERE ARE NO SAM'S CLUBS IN SINGAPORE!
*speaking Cebuano*Teacher: What is your favorite color?*
Elder N:*really quickly* Trash

Love you all so much. I hope you are all having a great week
Sister McKendrick


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