October 5, 2017



FINAL COUNTDOWN... Till I go to the Philippines

I leave next week for the Philippines! The time has finally come! Basically the song that has been in my head all week is the "Final Countdown" . But i can't remember the entire song so just the first part of the song is playing in my head and it is really annoying. EVERY TIME SOMEONE MENTIONS LEAVING I HEAR THE KEYBOARD INTRO FROM THAT SONG AND IT IS NOT OKAY. But I'm okay. Totally fine. TOTALLY NOT FREAKING OUT.
YES! I had a great birthday! The day was actually kind of perfect. I woke up and Sis Eyslee comes up to me while I am getting ready and says "Happy birthday Sister McKendrick" and then she blew bubbles in my face. Yeah, she's pretty amazing. Then I went to class and saw a nte on the board to head to someones office. I followed it and yep you guessed it AUNT LAURA HOOKED ME UP! I find a bag saying "Birthday in a box" and it had all these party supplies and a CAKE ahhhhhh I felt so special! There were even some birthday crowns and I wore one that matched my dress and wow I felt so special. A big thank you to all my family and friends who reached out to me and told me happy birthday! You are all AH-MAZING.  By the end of the night the Sisters gathered around and celebrated me. Since we could light candles we did the next best thing. That's right  one sister started blowing bubbles and I popped 20 of them. So yes i am OFFICIALLY 20.

The next two days were General Conference. To be honest before conference I was NOT in a good mood. I don't know sometimes you have those days and you just kind of want to be alone. Well I had to suck it up and sit in a room with about a 1,000 other missionaries. Brothers and Sisters the church is true. The moment conference started I felt happy. Not only that, I was asked to write down some questions about whatever was on my mid or troubling me and I was PROMISED that in conference I would find answers to those questions???? Yeah sounds crazy right? When Conference started I was thinking "Okay, we'll see IF I get some answers". Haha yeah President Uchtdorf was the first talk and he answered about 3/4's of my questions in less than 20 minutes. Yeah and then the rest of my questions got answered before the end of the first session of General Conference. Yeah basically I love conference so much and if i could sit on the computer and watch all the conferences there ever where I totally would but i kind promised to serve the Lord and I can't very well do that if I am just sitting around. #BestBirthdayPresentEver
One of my favorite talks ( given by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom) was about finding miracles everywhere, ESPECIALLY in your trials. What? Does that make sense? YES IT DOES AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY!
So uh I kind of have been having a bad week with my left heel. There has been a lot of pain in it and I couldn't stop it no matter how much I tried! I finally went to the doctor (on my birthday I might add) and was told I have a haglums bump? I am not really sure if that is the correct name for it but yeah I have it. Basically there is a bump on my heel that makes it hurt to wear any time of closed toed shoe. Guess what shoes I have and need for my mission, YEAH CLOSED TOED. The doctor said I could either get surgery or just make sure I don't wear anything that applies pressure to it. Momma didn't raise no quitter, so I had to go to this shoe store and while I was sitting there I was kind of freaking out. Then one of the songs on the speakers (I am calling this second hand listening because in my defense I had no control over my ears hearing the music) started playing and my heart settled a bit. It was one of my favorite songs ever and it is not even a popular song so I took that as a sign from God saying "Hey Sister McKendrick, everything is going to be okay. Don't worry." And guess what? Yep everything is working out! The shoe store owner was able to find some shoes for me that he could modify so I could wear closed toed shoes and not have pain. Not only that he told me he was donating the shoes to me. I told him I could totally pay for it but he said for me to just pay for the repair and everything else will be okay. 
Do you see the miracles? I at first when everything was happening was really sad and couldn't see the miracles. Here I am in the MTC and I haven't even entered the field yet and I already had a set back. BUT guess what this is a huge miracle! In the Philippines they do not carry above a size 7 in shoe sizes and so could you imagine the trouble I would've had if I had entered the Philippines with the shoes I had? Yeah i would've been in a pickle. I can already hear some of you saying "Yeah, well you still have that Haglums Bump.". AND YOU ARE IN FACT RIGHT! I still have it but in a few months it should go away! The thing is i was able to come closer to Christ because the moment I heard "surgery" I wanted to scream "NO!". I want to serve and when you really want to serve the Lord will bless you to find a way so you can. Sometimes things happen that you can't control but you can control how you see it. I find it much better to look for all the miracles i have than to look at all the bad things. It isn't easy but it is a much better view.
I love you all and I hope you are having a good week. One last thing I want to add is that I was given a bracelet that says "Believe there is good in the world". I wear it every day. I know sometimes really bad stuff happens and it feels like there is only cruelty and anger but there is still good in the world. And if you feel like there is no good in the world, be the good in the world. If I cover up some of the bracelet with my thumb it turns to "be the good in the world" and that really helps me when I feel alone. Just because others are not so kind doesn't mean you have the right to not be kind. Be good and others will see and then when they see that, they will follow.
Love,Sister McKendrick


Lines of the week:
Random Elder: *smiling really brightly* yeah uh,so I am gonna go take a shower and cry in it for about 20 minutes!
Sis Eyslee: Your voice Sister McKendrick is like the one that plays at the end of a movie when everything is okay and everyone is happy.(I know this one isn't funny but it is literally one of the nicest things anyone has ever


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