October 16, 2017




Well I have had the longest night of my LIFE. literally. Let me tell you about traveling to the Philippines. Let's start with the fact that I wore my favorite skirt (pineapple skirt) as a good luck charm for flying. Let's also fast forward to the fact that I got cafe rio on it while in the L.A airport. Okay yeah so things didn't start out the best they could've but also things could've been worse.

LA air port was a bit of a shocker. Imagine all these missionaries who have been in the purest place for 6 weeks and then imagine them in the LA international airport. Let's just say there were some pictures that were not okay for such pure minds.

Okay so the flight from LA to Hong Kong was so long. The night lasted forever and wow it was so boring. At one point I looked up and found Sister Osmun and Sister Nye walking around on the plane and they came up to me and started talking. They were just chatting and I asked if they were going to the bathroom but they said no they were just trying to move around a bit so their legs didn't swell.  She then said "Also, I have lost my sock". I looked at her foot and she was indeed missing a sock. She and Sister Nye said bye after that and i was left trying to figure out how she lost her sock for the next 10 hours. I have to tell you that I finally realized I was going to a Asian country when our snack on the plane was ramen noodles....WITH CHOPSTICKS AS THE UTENSILS! That is the honest truth.
We then went to the Hong Kong airport and wow turns out Hong Kong and Sis Osmun and I explored a bit. We took some pics as evidence that I was in China.
Basically everyone was dead. I looked around and I saw all the elders and sisters just really tired. i asked one elder if he was okay and he looked at me and said "I want to die". Don't worry he later told me while we were having turbulence that he realized death was not for him. 
Arriving in Manila was crazy. The humidity hit me and I felt like i was home. Except I wasn't. I was on the other side of the world actually. We then went to go pick up our luggage and my luggage was not there. So that was a bit frustrating but oh well. We then went on a bus and the Manila MTC President was there picking us up. He is so funny and nice! He kept taking picture of us and we later found out he used those pictures in power points -Wait Sis Tesch says hi and she loves me so much- and those pictures were SO funny.  

While we were driving up to the MTC I saw a baby in a cardboard box while his mother was selling stuff on the street.  It was in that moment I realized that this was gonna be a lot harder than I thought. There is a lot of poverty here and it is so hard to see  it but I see these people and their hearts are so full of love so yeah I know I can do this. 
I went proselyting yesterday in Manila.It was very hard considering that Manila speaks Tagalog and I am learning Cebuano. Not the easiest thing you can imagine.  It was hard but I loved it. I was surrounded by houses stacked on top of each other and they were all basically shacks and there were crazy cars everywhere and lots of noise. For some reason I felt like I was at Disney World. I guess I love it here. 

While I was proselyting I handed out some pictures of Christ to some little kids and then a hug horde of kids came up to me. They were all fascinated bout my height and skin. The called me "celebrity". There was a chubby kid who I guess was the leader of them and he kept whacking this other little boy on the head whenever that kid said "I am Justin Bieber". Yeah that kid might have a concussion now. The leader then said "You have a big nose, you are so pretty" haha thank you. Thank you very much. They were all so sweet and wow my heart is so full. It was the best day ever and I am so happy I get to do this for 17 more months.
Well i got my luggage back and I have to head off so I love you all and I hope you enjoy the pics.
Line of the Week
- Elder R: Sister McKendrick, are you using that fork to eat your soup?  Jet lag does stuff to people I guess. 
Love,Sister McKendrick 


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