October 25, 2017



Spiderdog, Spiderdog, does what ever a spiderdog can...

I am finally here in the field. It was a bit of a rough start because our plane for Cebu got delayed and we weren't abe to do our visas yet because the government offices were closed. So my MTC district got to go to Lizon Park and the American Memorial Cemetery. It was very sacred at the cemetery and I found a guy with the same last name as me. I don't think we are related though. 
I ate balut! Yeah that weird almost developed chick thing! It was gross but hey I did it. I look like a total middle schooler in the pics though.

Despite everything thing though My MTC district finally made it to Cebu where we met the Cebu Mission President and wow he is so kind. We met our trainers by lining up in front of the Cebu Temple and sang "called to serve" then my district turned around and we each had a trainer standing behind us. Mine is a white girl from Utah name Sis Murphy. She is absolutely perfect. How do I know this? We both love those dorky online Nancy drew games. Haha a truly inspired companionship. Well after we got paired we didn't waste one second. WE started heading to Negroes Island because that is our area. We are in the city of San Carlos and it is SO beautiful here.
Oh hey if you haven't noticed already I have a familiar face. I get told I look like Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and somebodies friend. I get that a lot and I've been getting it so much here. Anyways when I was asked to share my hidden talent I said I have a familiar face and all the other missionaries were like "WHOAAAAA". Haha look at me I'm average!
Everyone here knows us as the "Sisters". Everywhere we go we hear "Hello Sisters!" and then we respond in Bisaya (Cebuano) back to them. The people here are so lovely. They have the biggest hearts and wow the kids are SO cute! There is this one alley that if we walk by it all these kids run up and give us hugs. It is the cutest thing. Last night in a lesson one little girl (May-an) took Sis Murphy's hymnal and flipped to a page and then instead of singing the hymn sang the Celine Dion masterpiece "My heart will go on". It was so FUNNY. 
Hey have any  of you noticed that I am pretty, tall, white, and have a big nose? Just asking because I get told this about 50 times a day. It is awesome.

 Hey speaking of tall I accidentally bumped my head on a ceiling in a members house the other night. The houses here are pretty small and tbh it was all my fault I was so focused on putting my sock back on after taking my shoe off so I could enter their house I was so happy about the record breaking time I did on putting on the sock that I swung my head up and hit the ceiling. Nice. It's good to  know I am awkward on both side of the world. Anyways the member was very Sweet and said I could only return if I come wearing a helmet. Haha deal.
Yes things are different here. I was teaching in a members house the other night and I saw a small dog run across the wall. I then realized the "dog" had 8 legs and wasn't a dog. I kept my cool.

Speaking the language is not easy right now. I can understand a lot which is AWESOME. but it is very hard to be in a lesson and it is my turn to speak and the words don't come ut how I want them too. But the other night I was attempting to speak again and my Bisaya was not the best but the elderly lady (Nanay M) started tearing up and smiling at me really big. She then told my companion that I was doing amazing and she is so happy that I am trying. This made every time I fet stupid for speaking worth it, it really did., The thing about Filipinos is that cultures crash into them so many times and they are so kind they just adjust to what they are given. So to have an American try to speak their language when most Americans try to speak English (The majority of Filipinos can speak broken English), well it is just a nice thing for them to see others try to learn what they speak for a change.
I know that things are not easy right now but I also know this Gospel is true and I love it so much. I love the people here and they are so kind. Like SO KIND. I am excited for what is to come.
I love you all and I hope you are having a great time wherever you are.  The Book is blue and the Church is true.
Trust me, I wouldn't be here with the spiders dogs if I didn't know that this Church is true.
Sister R: Sister Mac-endrick you are so pretty!
Me: Thank you!Sister R: But why do you wear your hair like this? *starts doing my hair*
AMerican missionary: Lets skedaddle!Filipion Missionary:Yes! Let's skadoosh!Other filipion missioanry: No! Skadoosh is Kung Fu Panda!
Love love love,Sister McKendrick

PS Sister McKendrick didn't provide the pics above her sister Caroline did. 


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