November 8, 2017



Still Kickin'

Hello everyone!
So lets start with the "what?" of this week. Remember how in the MTC I boasted about how my teacher looked like Rapunzel and how I felt like I was being taught by a princess? WELL, my trainer, Sis Murphy, is a princess too. LET ME TELL YOU WHY. She let it slip that she is the direct descendant of Pocahontas. Like Pocahontas is her 12th great grandmother or something. So if you add up the facts...SIS MURPHY IS LITERALLY A PRINCESS. All of my dreams have come true. I can die happy( but don\t worry. I wont die right now) Like I am sorry but everyone else's trainers can go home, My trainer is the best. How does it feel to be taught by royalty? Amazing.
So this week was All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Basically everyone tried to sell us candles and it was really creepy at night but oh well. We have the cemetery in our zone so Sis Murphy and I snuck a quick look at it and it did in fact have a lot of candles. But we kept on getting looks (we always do) so I took a pic and left.
I think I've been in culture shock because Sis Murphy has called me out on being silent and not showing lots of emotions. I feel fine but I guess I have been different. The wake up call was when we were eating at a BBQ place and I dropped a WHOLE bottle of soy sauce on the floor and everyone stared and I literally did not take a second look at the mess I made. I just shrugged it off and continued eating. Sis Murphy was surprised I was not embarrassed one bit.
You know how if you like a song and you listen to it too many times it gets annoying and you hate it? that doesn't exist here. Pinta Flores (a HUGE festival) was this week and they kept playing this one song over and over again. Great. Pinta Flores was a night mare for missionaries. Everyone was drunk and so we kept on getting catcalls way more than we usually do, nobody was home to have a lesson, and at the end of the night I heard dogs bark at us and then they were indeed chasing us. and trying to bite our legs. Well /I think that broke the culture shock because I started swinging. You know in Frozen where Anna says "It is NOT nice to bite people!" and then she starts fighting back? Yeah I literally did that. I used to believe all dogs were good dogs but the dogs here in the Philippines are gross and I hate them. Good news though is that I feel emotions again.
Speaking of emotions. I felt so much love on Sunday. I walked into Church and I just had this joy for the members and our investigator who showed up. His name is Jovie, he is 16, and he is the sweetest thing ever! He showed up with his member friend Clark and tbh he is what missionaries call a "Golden Investigator" because he is just bright happy and loving the Gospel. He was the highlight to the sucky week we had because of the festival.
This one member brought us to her house that got destroyed by a storm. It was kinda in the slums and by the beach it was a hut house on stilts and very hard to get to. There was a lock on the door and Sis Murphy and I were like "Oh that's okay we don't need to go in" then the lady picks up a rock and starts BANGING the lock. Yeah the lock gave up and we entered. There were two rooms and the member and Sis Murphy were ahead of me so when they started heading to the next room and I was still in the other one I head a laud crack and I realized I was about 3 inches lower than I was before. I ALMOST FELL THROUGH THIS LADY'S HOUSE! I quickly joined Sister Murphy and the member int eh other room and watched more care fully were I stepped. Her house was hard to look at because it is sad to see ruined homes where families used to live but she lives with her sister right now while they are saving up money to fix their house.
Leaving her house I accidentally stepped in the water and my foot was black when it came out of the water. I was like "Whateves" but then we got to her Sisters house and this lady was gesturing to my feet and saying something and I was like "Oh i don't mind" and then the member was like "oh I can fix that" and SHE STARTS WASHING MY FEET. Oh  my goodness. I've been trying so hard to be the best Christ-like figure I can be I forgot to look for how others are like Christ and now this lady is washing my feet and I want to cry. It was so kind and yet she thought nothing of it. 
After that we went to a members house to teach them a lesson and during the lesson the dad comes in with a loaf a bread and they share it with Sis Murphy and I. They wouldn't let us refuse. This family is not the wealthiest ( Our area is the slums) and so for them to share was so kind and generous and wow the people here are so much like Christ. They barely have enough food for themselves and yet they share. 
Yes people stare at us and it is not so weird anymore. I just smile back and say hello. Everyone here says hello. We entered this one part of a village we never entered before to find a potential investigator and all these kids were following us and after talking with the now OFFICIAL investigator, we went outside and found our shoes a bit more dirty than how they were before entering the lady's if little kids tried them on....hmmmm
Well so yes the week was pretty rough because of Pinta FLores but my ancestry comes form the Isle of Mann and their flag has three legs sewn together with the saying "Wherever I am thrown I still stand" which rough translates to "I'M STILL KICKIN'"  haha its a real rough translation. Anyways I am working hard and loving the work. The Gospel is true and I love it so much. 
I love you all I hope you have a great week.
Sister McKendrick
kk bye


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