November 15, 2017



I Got Punted

Things did not start off on the right foot this week. 

Thursday was Sister Murphy's Year mark on the mission! I gave her some candy and hung a "Happy birthday" banner for the occasion. Awesome right? Well bad the freezer thought otherwise and stopped working int he middle of the night and we had to throw out a ton of food. Fun. I was also feeling sick and well we ate cheeseburgers we got punted a lot that day too. So uh whatever.
Barge ride to Cebu.
When I say "Punted" it means that we go to a house to teach  a lesson and the person we are trying to teach tells us to come back another time. I don't like getting punted. 
I HAD MY FIRST INVESTIGATOR BAPTISM!  Brother Ramil has been an investigator for over a year. He and his wife finally got married and so he was able to be baptized and it was so amazing to see his baptism. Everyone was an hour and a half  late during the wait I realized Bro Ramil loves hearing the Piano so I played some songs for him. I was happy in that moment for all the piano lessons I ever took. I am not saying I am the best a piano but I can sightread with my right hand pretty darn well and so I was happy others were happy to hear me play. 
Baptism Day for Brother Ramil!!!

When he was about to be baptized Sister Murphy and I realized his wife was not in the room. their son was a bit rambunctious and ran out and so she was trying to find him and grab some other stuff. Sis Murphy and I tried to put the baptism on hold but everyone else was like "nah its fine" so we eventually sat back down and watched him get baptized. It was really bittersweet because 1.) Yay! he got baptized! but 2.)his wife who has been waiting over a year for this didn't get to see it.
But what is important is that he was baptized and in a year he and family can be sealed together for all time and eternity in the Temple. And THAT she will definitely be there for.
On Sunday he got confirmed a member and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was AH-MAZING. Tatay S. He is the sweetest guy! I love teaching his family. (The gun isn't real all the little kids carry them and yeah in one street there is like a West Side Story going on with some kids. Its weird I'll give updates if they start to walk while snapping)
Also on Sunday we had 6 investigators come! Three of them have been pretty much lacking in that department but they came and I wanted to scream "YES! YES! YES!". I was so happy to see them there because they have been going through a rough time and wow I am so happy they had the faith to go to church.
We went to Cebu City because of my Visa. And GUESS WHAT! I got to see my old MTC District! It was so amazing! Everyone has already changed so much and wow I love seeing friends. It was awesome to see everyone again. I loved hearing about their missions so far and wow they are amazing. I don't know that if we were all in high school together if we would've become friends like we had int he MTC, but we are friends and I am so happy for it. The MTC batch reunited!
Last night Sis Murphy and I were getting punted left and right. We finally ended up talking to some kids on the street and they LOVED talking to us. They sang us some songs (moana) and it was so sweet to talk to them even if they do not fully understand me. I wanted to put some Gospel in our conversation so Sis Murphy and I taught them the church song "I am a child of God" (if you haven't heard the song plz do. It is just the sweetest song). After that Sis Murphy says "Alright now everyone listen to Sister McKendrick she is gonna ask you a question in Bisaya!"
All the kids had their eyes on me. I said " Will you go to church this Sunday?!" They all said "Yes!" haha it was the sweetest thing. I hope we do have a horde of 15 kids come in to church on Sunday. IT'd be the best thing.Danica, Ni-shan, and May Ann. The cutest little girls ever. They remind me so much of me an my sisters. They love talking to me and wow they are just so cute.
This week I was feeling very hot and tired. I wanted to rest and then  I heard Rachel Plattens "Fight Song" Blare through the streets. I sucked it up and kept on trekking. (I also heard some T. Swift #blessed)
I love you all and I hope you are having cool days. I am having all the hot ones here.
LoveSister McKendrick
Line of the week : *Walking under the hot sun for over an hour*Sis Murphy:Psst, Sis McKendrick I have a secret!Me: What???Sis Murphy: I feel like I am gonna throw up.
Hahaha we got out of the sun real fast. She's all good


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