November 23, 2017



Happy Thanksgiving!!

2 of 112   BLog POSTTTInboxxVictoria Justice McKendrickNov 21 (2 days ago)to meWell hey this week was Cuh-razee. Why? Because I am a white girl in the Philippines trying to preach the Gospel why else would it be crazy?;
Lets see I asked some investigators if they would be baptized an they said yes! Haha it was really scary asking in Bisays but they love church and the Gospel so i felt it was right to ask them. They are supposed to be baptized in January.
remember that family that called me Mr.Bean? They called me Linda Carter in my last lesson with them. I am getting mixed signals here folks.
The little kids love us so much here they all hug us and wow they are the cutest. I took some pics with them and then I went home and flat ironed my hair because I noticed one girl was scratching her head a bit too much if you catch my drift. 
Okay time for the weird lesson story. So Ssi Murphy and I just finished up a lesson with Sister Evelyn (the sweetest investigator who only really speaks Tagalog so uh there is a medjo language barrier) and then this one family is like "hey teach us!" so yeah we go in their house to teach them. The man of the house is a 35-ish man wearing tan short shorts and no shirt and is giving me some weird vibes you know? and so he is sitting on a plastic horse/ chair thing and he keeps speaking bisaya  very fast while his mom and children are kinda listening to the message we are trying to teach them. I am barely (like BArely) following along and he is talking about how he is so kind because he lets his ex-girlfriend still visit their child and then his mom goes "Yeah but that's only because her mom is a witch and you are scared of her black magic". Wait What? yeah the weird guy dated the daughter of a witch and he is blackmailed withe black magic, its all chill. But the guy kept on Talking so I m still trying to understand #stillnotfluent when something drips from the ceiling onto my bag. 
I was like whoa the ceiling is dripping and then I looked up and it was not the ceiling dripping. Just a lizard who targeted my bad for his poo. I was kinda done with the lesson by that point. (I would also like to add that after the lizard pooped on my bad he literally stared at me like he knew what he did)
Back in San Carlos though things got a little weirder when Sis Murphy and I were walking around town and we saw an old man walking around withe a sack of stuff on his back, a broomstick in one hand and a machete in the other. I don't know where he was going but he look ready. (Pretty sure he was a wizard) 
The language is still hard but I think I am getting better? We went on exchanges this week with the STL's (the sister traing leader was my companion for the day) and in all the lessons she had me share like a lot. She had no mercy on me and she really pushed me to realize I knew more Bisaya than I think I do. It was great. She also has this rule where if someone stares at you for mo0re than 3 seconds you share with them a quick message about the Gospel. Well I am white so lots of people stared and we shared a total of 24 quick Gospel lessons (FTE's). 
I accidentally stepped on a child's face in church on Sunday. She was trying to climb under the pew in front of me and I didn't see her and I was trying to stretch my legs (they are long and the pews are small okay?) and yeah I put my foot right in her face. She didn't look mad she just looked confused. All is well though, I made her smile after that so we are chill now.
I went to a family home evening last night. We were a little late at arriving there and I felt so bad but the moment I walked in you could just feel the love that family has. They are so kind and they all welcomed my companions for the day and I with warm greeting and wow I love families.
The Church believes that families can be together for ever. Isn't that the happiest message? There is no "Till death do you part." its just forever. And I really really love that. The family I was just talking about is a bit of a broken family but they still love with a love that is full and wow you just know that they care for each other.

I hope you all had a great week and will have a great Thanksgiving. (P.S please tell my dad happy birthday too. His birthday is on Thanksgiving.)
LoveSister McKendrick


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