November 29, 2017



At Zone Conferences We Wear Pink

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Is there anything crazy that happened in the past seven days? I heard Trump visited the Philippines but the only thing I have to go off of is a picture of anti-Trump parade the Philippines had and the float was a Trump with swastika arms. So uh is America okay? 

Here is San Carlos things are great. The senior Missionaries held a Thanksgiving and they were so sweet they bought a turkey and Sis Murphy and I made mashed potatoes (yes I actually a made something from scratch). It was so much fun and wow I am just so thankful to be missionary. The other day after a lesson Sis Murphy and I were walking back home and I was screaming in my head "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!". Haha its true. 
But lets focus on what's really important.....CHRISTMAS. 
I may or army not have been prepping for Christmas for the past 2  months. I have been singing, making snowflakes, and trying to imagine the weather is cooler than it actually is. Now it is actually acceptable for me to be doing all of this stuff.
Oh hey we had ZONE CONFERENCE this past week! Zone Conference is where the Mission President and his wife come and give a lectures to your zone. It is awesome. Haha I was so excited I actually did my makeup and then a thing Filipinos love to do is match to these things so all the sisters and I matched in pink. haha Sister Murphy doesn't like matching but she was a good sport about it. It was so great I got to see some of my batch mates and I was like "WE NEED A PICTURE"  so we took a pic. 
We had a lesson this week with the family of the guy who wears the short shorts and wow they are really liking our lessons now. The last lesson we had was the cutest because about 12 kids were stacked on each other in the doorway and we were like "come in!" and so yeah it was probz the cutest sight. I think the only struggle we are having Right now is that the short shorts guy believes he is going to die in 8 days because a shaman came up to him and told him he was going to die in 8 days. We told him not to believe that stuff.
Update on the lingo. Well I am actually improving? Last night we were teaching and I just spoke what I felt from my heart to say and the family was like "Sister McKendrick you have improved so much!" and then they just started gushing about how much I have improved and wow that felt really really good because I have low key been so sad because I always just want to speak it without and trouble and yeah I am learning patience like nobodies business here. 
There are these kids who always beg for money t the bus station and I talked to some of them the other day and haha they kill me for how much they try to get your money. Sis Murpohy skedx how old they are and they look twelve and they wait a second and say "five". I said "oh you are very tall" and they laughed at that. They behaved better than last week when they shoved my companion when she said she didn't have any money. 
Well last night we got transfer calls and Sis Murphy and I are staying together! but get this the elders in the area next to ours are leaving an d we are getting their area...and keeping ours too. UGHHH WHAT? The term missionaries use for when two missionaries go to an area they both don't know is called "white washing". That means we have mountains now and we cross rivers now and wow ugh its gonna be a lot but I trust the Lord and I also trust Sister Murphy so um all will be well.
Okay I am just gonna brag about Trozo for a quick sec. The area is progressing so much. It feels like every lesson we teach someone comes in and is like "I want to hear the Gospel too!" so we just keep sharing and wow it is so amazing! I love it and Sis Murphy and I are determined to keep teaching it even though we will have to visit more areas now. 
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Sister McKendrick

P.SI totes forgot to put line of the week last week I am so so sorry
LAST WEEKS LINE OF THE WEEK:Me: Elder what job does your dad have?Elder:Ugh, I'm not sure exactly..he's on a team...and he is off right now because he tore his ACL.

hhahaha elder your dad is a spy

*at 7-11*kid: *gets on his knees and starts worshipping me*me: Please don't do thatkid: *worships faster*


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