December 13, 2017



Time is Blessings

We had exchanges again with the STLs! I was with Sis Escalon and wow she is just AMAZING. We were walking down the street and this rude guy cat calls us and I do my usual pretend I didn't hear him but Sis Escalon does not do that. She turns around and says "Sir, we are missionaries of the Lord and you need to respect us." OHHHHH SHE KILLED HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Wow okay Sis Escalon is just a boss if you didn't know that.

What else happened this week hmmm? Okay so the guy who said his shaman said he would die in 8 days is alive. This is good news because if he actually did die I think that would be too much for me to handle and I would be calling my Mission President ASAP and saying I gotta go home. Luckily He is alive so I am still here. 
On Monday's we have district meeting and before it Sis Murphy and i wanted to get something from 7-11. This little 5 year old orphan girl was begging for money from me like pulling on my skirt and blocking my way and stuff(she gets paid to do this). And I'm all "Sorry I can't give you money" and she literally takes a step back with one foot so she can rotate on an axis in giving me a strong punch. 
She then starts making this motion with her hand infront of her nose and like I could've probably acted better but I stuck my tongue out at her. I felt bad for this but when i talked about this moment with Sis Murphy she revealed she stuck her tongue out too.
My Zone and I are trying to make a skit for Christmas conference coming up. It has the potential to be REALLY  funny. We are doing a 12 days of Christmas thing and basically we just  sayign funny stuff for everyday like we are gonna talk about how the cars got taken away and we are gonna have an announcer say "Elders please go outside to see your new car!" and its just gonna be a pair of shoes. Haha it is gonna be so funny.Sister Evelyn
Okay I am about to hype you all up on missionary work because guess what Sis Evelyn (our investigator in Trozo)is KILLING it. She literally is just the investigator every missionary dreams of. We taught her this week and we asked her if she had any questions and she pulls up 1stNephi chapter 3 and asks us a question from it. We answer and Sis Murphy and I feel like we can challenge her to read a chapter form the Book of Mormon everday. We aske her to do that and she is is like "Siempre (of course" and the she reveals that she has already been reading more than a chapter a day. Like last time we checked she is in Alma (this is like more than halfway through the Book of Mormon). Sis Murphy and I were blown away and she loves the verse 2nd Nephi 31:21. She kept telling us about it and how much she loves it. She said she started crying and she just felt the Spirit so strong when she read it and she just KNOWS the church is true. My hear twas so touched and we hadn't even started the lesson yet. We then try to strait the lesson and Sis Evelkyn is like "Oh I already know about this" Sis Murphy and I were confused but this Sis Evelyn pulls out the pamphlets we use for the lessons and she like "Sis Tejana gave these to me" Sis Murphy and I were BLOWN AWAY. Like we are still gonna teach her the lessons and all but she JUST LOVES THE GOSPEL.
Sister Murphy and I returned to her house to teach her again and Sis Evelyn was still talking about 2nd Nephi 31:21. She then tells us how she shared this verse with everyone. Her neighbor, her best friend , and the lady she got a pedicure from. She just shares the Gospel. The pedicure lady tried to tell Sis Evelyn that Mormons are a cult and that they have horns. Well Sis Evelyn knows the truth and brings up 2nd Nephi 31:21 and shares her testimony and the pedicure lady starts crying because of how strong Sis Evelyn's testimony is and  the pedicure lady then says how she wants to go to our church now but she doesn't have money for travel and then Sis Evelyn says she will pay for her travel. Yeah Sis evelyn keeps sharing her powerful testimony and so her neighbor and her best friend have cried from her faith (2nd Nephi 31:21 is always shared too). Like she is doing so much missionary work i love her so much. She isn't even baptized yet but like she wants to so badly she just cant because she isn't married to her husband yet.Sister Tejana
When she finished telling us all of this and she showed us her scripture reading I noticed her bookmark was a folded piece of magazine. I thought that was weird but then I noticed inside the folded magazine was a picture of Sis Murphy, Sis Evelyn, Sis Tejana, and I. My heart melted and I just love Sis Evelyn so much.
I think about Christmas and how it is gonna be different being away from my family this year. It is gonna be a bit tough of course but when I think about how blessed I am with how I have an amazing family and how I know about the restored Gospel, well it is so bad that I get to share these blessings with others.
I love Christmas. I think I love it more than I have ever had before. It's weird because it is about a billion degrees here and everyone here stares at me all the time and I am still confused about the language and there are many other things that just make Christmas not like the other Christmases...BUT I know that Christmas is more than that. Christmas is celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a wonderful day and I am so happy He loved us enough to die for us so that we can be clean from sin.Kids who sang to us for candy.
I hope you all have a great week I love you all very much and yeah do good things and blessings will follow.
LoveSister McKendrick
Line of the week
Me: We gotta work hard every week,time is moneyElder M: No time is blessingsMe: yeah, that's true


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