December 21, 2017



Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! 
 This week was blessings on blessings. First of I extended two IBDS (invitations to be baptized) at a lesson with these two investigators. They are a couple and the mother of the son wasn't there because she was at a meeting. She is the "I LOVE JESUS" lady. Anyways at the end of the lesson I was supposed to ask them to pray and repent everyday but the only Bisaya that came out of my mouth was me asking them to be baptized. i was thinking "whoa wait no this isn't what is supposed to come out of my mouth" but I just followed the Spirit and even Sister Murphy was thinking "Wait what?" when I started extending the baptismal invitation....THEY SAID YES. Which is #Blessings because like if the mom was there she would've said no and I don't think they would've been brave enough to say yes. But they said yes and I am so happy.
Speaking of baptisms we have one this Saturday #WhiteChristmas (because when you get baptized you wear white). It is for Sister Irene and she is just the sweetest lady. She is so loving I am so happy for her. 
At church we had two kid investigators come to church. They are the cutest little girls and there family is investigating the church too but they only came. It was so awkward because like the members here always start church like an half hour late. So the little girls came on time but there was no primary class when there was supposed to be a primary class. Uh it really does get on my nerves how slow things can be here but the Church is still pretty new here and the best way to teach is by example so I just keep showing up on time. Anyways the little girls had a great time and they really love Church. 
Also this one investigator who never comes to Church unless she has someone go with her came to Church by herself this week. Sis Murphy and I were so shocked and so happy!! WE were like "Nanay Cotejo?!!" haha I guess her love for the Gospel was stronger than her fear of being alone at Church. I love the strength of faith. BTWs she totally made a friend and I just love it when investigators have friends in the Church.

Yesterday we had Christmas Conference in Dumegete! It took 6 hours to get there and wow I i have a confession I love dressing up for that kind of stuff. Sis Murphy curled my hair and I did my make up real good. I feel so gross here all the time it feels nice to dress up. Anyways we hear d from President and Sister Pajaro it was so good! we then did our skit and like all the Zone loved our Zone skit. We did the twelves days of Christmas San Carlos Zone Style and basically we jsut did a skit with every day. here I'll write the lyrics
In the great Cebu Mission the blessings we receive1.) a Great San Carlos Zone2.) Two Days of punted3.) Three APs4.) Four new Pajaros5.) Five dear John letters6.) Six rabid dogs7.) Seven hours of tracking8.) Eight cars were taken9.) Nine bowls of rice10.) ten IBDS11.) Eleven calls to Sister Visker (the old mission nurse)12.) Twleve truanky gwapo Elders

haha its was hilarious and I' ll try to send a video but everyone loved our skit so much. after the skit even President Pajaro was like "Good job Sister McKendrick" IT was awesome I also got to see so much of my batch and wow I had so much fun. President and Sister Pajaro gave us Christmas presents! One was a bag filled with like toothpaste anbd stuff from thsi lady in Utah who gives missionaries presents #sokind and wow President and Sister Pajaro bought all the Sister Missionaries pearl earrings. It was so sweet! I quickly covered my ears with my hair because your girl doesn't have her ears pierced. But dang the earring are really nice. I was so shocked and touched by their gift. They related it to the parable of "The pearl of Great Price". 
AFter conference we got to the bus station where we got on a bus at like 6 pm so we arrived in San Carlos at around 11 PM. |Some poor Elders had to stand the whole 5 hours because there were not enough seats. 
I was pretty tired but like Sis Murphy and I were talking to the Elders most of the time. One Elder who is leaving for home this transfer was being pretty nostalgic, he said he doesn't feel like it was two years. he says it feels like is was so much more. Like all the places he's been, the people he's met, and the memories he has made. If feels like it just could have happened all in two years. 
I hope i feel like that when it is my time to go home. Hey i think I've been here for about 4 months now? wow time is flying.

Oh i had a normal conversation in Bisaya this week. I realized at the end of the conversation I understood it all and I spoke back in all Bisay too. I know my Bisay is not perfect but wow I think i can see my improvement now. 
Anyways Merry Christmas everyone. I love you all so much and I hope you remember the true meaning of |Christmas this Christmas season. 
Also watch the Polar Express for me. I love that movie.
Love Sister McKendrick

New Investigator: Wow you ahve a big noseMe: Haha that is true thank youNI: did you get a nose injection??Me: Nah its all real



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