December 28, 2017



Christmas in San Carlos

How was every one's Christmas? Did you wake up to a fever Christmas Eve? Oh you didn't? Well that's awkward because everyone knows only cool kids get fevers on Christmas Eve. Haha but I took some meds and still toughed it out because Christmas Eve was Sunday and well I loved church so ya girl went to church.

Okay so Sis Murphy and I have been praying for us to find people who will help build up the Church here in San Carlos because we want to turn this branch into a ward and wow... ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE!! 
I walk into the Church and there were EIGHT-TEEN investigators!!!!! WHAahahahahttttt????  Haha it was amazing and I had the weird sensation of like feeling like I was dying and also being really happy at the same time. The other missionaries were so shocked by our numbers and well I am still just so happy with all the progress this branch is having. I really really also love how I feel like now I understand that scripture saying "ask and ye shall receive". If you ask for a good thing and you give it your all, you will receive it. 
It's been pretty tough for me to feel the Christmas Spirit all the way here in the Philippines away from my family. It's almost like I am on the other side of the world or something?? Anyways on Christmas Eve night we invited the branch to come and watch "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (old Christmas church movie) and well after watching it we sang Silent Night and I just felt so peaceful. Like all the Christmas joy I've been waiting for I felt in that moment. It was a sweet moment.
On Christmas morning Sister Murphy and I woke up and opened presents! She was super sweet and bought me some presents ( don't worry I bought her some too). She, the STLs and I had a great time opening presents and we also sang happy birthday because it was Sister Josol's birthday. After that we went to District meeting where everyone was blown away by our stats #18investigators. It was a good moment oh and Sister Murphy and I mad gifts for everyone in the Zone. We took these Marine Animal Flash Cards and gave everyone their own animal and like personalized it so it would fit them more. For example for  the Australian Elder we gave him the  Platypus. Haha everyone loved them!
I was then able to skype my family which was AH-MAZING. I love them so much and I miss them so much so it was so amazing to talk to them for a while.  Like wow if you have noticed families are amazing and wow I hope you all love your families as much as I do.  
Most of the day was spent decorate for the branch Christmas party and me sleeping (ya girl is still recovering) but Sis Murphy and I still wanted to get in a lesson before the end of the day so who do we go to? Siamson family!!!! Ahh I love them so much. At the end of the lesson we took some pics and I just love them so so so much. After the lesson sister Murphy said to me "Sister McKendrick your Bisaya was SO GOOD". #ChristmasMiracle

Well that's about it. I hope you all have a happy New Year and you keep the resolutions you make. New Years was always such an awesome time back home. Jan 1st I would go to the gym and it would be filled people and then Jan 14th the gym would be back to its normal capacity.  
I love you all!!!!
Love Sister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:*all the Elders are wearing fake mustaches as unibrows for a silly picture*Australian Elder: *whispers* We are unibros


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