January 11, 2018



Pantyliner Magic

This week President Monson passed away. It was very sad to hear about his passing but I am so happy for God's Plan of Happiness and I am so happy that he was our Prophet for the past 10 years. I love teaching how we have modern day prophets. We are still God's children and He gave us prophets in the Bible, so why not now. We need prophets to receive direct revelation so that we can follow God's will exactly. The world is becoming more and more evil and with modern day prophets we are able to follow what God wants us to do.

This week though has been a weird one. We had a lesson with these investigators and they work at a "sells everything shop" and well after the lesson they were trying to sell us pantyliners that apparently have negative ions or something. The lady says for me to stand and put my hands behind my back and I do and then she grabs my hands and starts pushing down on my hands and I fall back? Then she smack the pantyliner on my neck and does it again and I don't fall back? And then she is literally jumping up and down trying to push me down but she cant. She did it to Sister Murphy too and then she removed the pantyliner and Sister Murphy fell back when she pushed down on her hands again. WERIDDDDD. 
We kindly declined the panty liners. 
Remember how I was all proud about my Bisaya and everything? WELL I TAKE IT BACK.  This week on a trike I tried to invite the trike driver to come to church but i wanted to get to know him first and instead of saying "how many kids do you have?" I said "How much do your kids cost?" HAHA Sister Murphy started laughing SO Hard. Haha oh well.
Our investigator Sister Evelyn got up and bore her testimony this Sunday in church. It was so strong and wow after that we were sitting in Relief Society and this member walks up to me and asks how long Sister Evelyn has been a member and Sis Murphy said she wasn't yet a member and everyone was like "WHHhhaaaaatttt?" because she just has SUCH a strong testimony about Christ and His Atonement and the Restoration of the Gospel.
Transfers finally came and Sister Murphy were ready for our fun times to end..HAHAHA but jokes on you all not only is Sister Murphy my trainer, she is now my follow- up trainer too! #BLESSEDTOSTAYWITHTHEBEST

Well that's about it I love you all and i hope you have a great week!

LOVE Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:white Russian old man in grocery store:HELLO I AM A MORMON TOO?Me and Sis Murphy: Really?!him: Yes! What do you think i need a name tag to show I am a Mormon?us: uh, no.
couple minutes later old Russian man finds other old man to talk to
old Russian man: hello my Friend did you get the moonshine????



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