January 18, 2018



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Okay everyone the rain here in San Carlos ain't stopping,but neither is the work so like that's chill. 

This week was okay just like lots of rain. Which I used to really enjoy rainy days but here in the Philippines it is not enjoyable. 
Reasons why it the rain here is not enjoyable:
1.) The lapok (mud). Did you know if you just add water to dirt it turns into mud? And if there's a lot of it, you can slip in front of everyone and almost fall well....anywhere? haha its heavenly.
2.) your clothes don't dry. No, you all do not understand. I wash my clothes by hand and I even put that fabric softener in it so it smells all good and stuff but my clothes have been outside for like 4 days now and they are still not dry!!! Uh and the rain makes them all stinky and I need Mr. Sun to come out NOW.
3.) Trike ride are now splash mountain. The trike rides here are pretty enjoyable but when it rains, the rain hits you and you just have to sit there like you are fine...but you're not really fine. Oh and if you are sitting in the back of the trike you get a nice long splash of brown water hitting you the entire ride.It's lovely really.
4.) Walking in the rain is just not easy. I got myself an umbrella that only helps so much, so I have to hold my scripture bag to my heart and just pray the wind ain't gonna blow. 
The rain is such a minor thing though when you remember that you are a servant for the Lord!  
Sister Murphy and I killed it on Friday. We were in Trozo and we just had back to back lessons. We got to Trozo at around 11 and we left at around 5...WE WERE DEAD. Haha but that didnt matter we still had another lesson to teach. 
The lessons in Trozo were really fun because there is this one investigator who just keeps on walking in on other families lessons. We'll be teaching a family and she just walks in and we just have to roll with it. The lesson at her house was really fun all these kids were there and they just always fun. 
On Sunday I was SUR-PRISED. Some friends of my family from FLORIDA came to my branches Sacrament on Sunday. Ahh I was overjoyed. It was so awesome to see them I wish I had a picture but like it all happened so fast but ughhh time flies when you're having an amazing time. They got to see our golden investigator Sister Evelyn. Haha she is such a celebrity and she doesn't even know it.
My Zone is completely different now.... but hey that just means more friends!! Haha well that's the summary of my week. i hope you all have a great day! 
P.S I totes did celebrate MLK day here in the Philippines. I quoted the "I have a dream" speech and then I thought about how racism doesn't really exist here in the Philippines. 

Okay bye bye love you!
Sister McKendrick


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