January 24, 2018



Stay Hydrated Folks

Hello all you wonderful people or person reading this. (I don't know how many people actually read this so congrats if you are!) 

This week was definitely a week so I will tell you about it. 
Awkward moment of the week goes to me asking this lady at a side store, if the person that wanted a lesson lived there. She asked what her name was and I said I don't know and so she starts naming off all the people who work there and finally she said a name that sounded familiar and I was like oh yeah its that one and then she goes "that's me". AWKWARD. Whoopsies! In my defense it has been a while since I've seen her. But she was a doll and let us teach her. She told us to come back and teach her again and haha yeah we will. 
We taught a family this week and while Sister Murphy was talking about the importance of families and how we love them. Their 3 year old boy was taking his 14 year old brothers head and continually slamming it in the door. haha so fun!
I was sick again! Yeah for a like a whole day I was totes sick and it was not the best day ever! |I called the mission nurse and she told me the age old remedy...HYDRATION DRINKS! Ugh I was such a fool to think there could've been another solution. 
The next day I was feeling pretty bumpin so we went to Trozo to work. We were a bit afraid we wouldn't reach our goal of 10 new investigators but then Sister Evelyn comes in and well she does her thing and we ended up teaching a whole bunch of people in this place called Magbaboy (which with translation means "Will pig" hahahha) and yeah we had 17 new investigators for the week and one of them is Sister Evelyn's husband so that was PRETTY AMAZING!  So so so happy about that. 
On Sunday my kabalay(roommates) made chicken adobo! #YEAHHHHHHHH I was eating it with such joy and there was this one piece I was eating and I told S. Murphy that it was so bony and then she informs me that it was indeed the NECK i was eating. HAhahahahhah oh well still tasted good!
I read this really good devotional this week from President Russell M. Nelson called "Stand As True Millennials" it was pretty amazing and it totally bumped up my attitude. I think you should all read it!
We discovered a place that serves Mexican food last night! #ICan'tBelieveIt'sNotChickenNeck! It kinda looked like one of those place you go to on a road trip because you are sick of fast food so you go to that sketchy diner that in fact is not as sketchy as you thought! Nice!
When you are preparing for your mission all you think about are the investigators you are gonna teach and how excited you are for them to be baptized. And it's true that does happen. But you also gotta bring back the less active members who have stopped going to church. In the Philippines people want to be baptized pretty quickly but you gotta make sure they are really converted when they are baptized. It really breaks my heart when I see members who are baptized but they have stopped coming to church because they don't understand how important it is. 

Well that's about it folks! I hope you have a great week! 
Love you all!
Sister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:*talking to security guard because he is surprised we speak Bisaya*Us: Brother, are you Tagalog? (how you ask if someone speaks tagalog)Him: I am Seventh Day Adeventist

That's cool too brother! Haha. I didn't know your religion was also a language!


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