February 2, 2018



Do I Use Humor To Be Noticed By My Family?

I would like to start off that in one lesson I saved the baby daughter from not falling and the father cheered and said I know Bisaya.

The baby girl is Jessa and she is about the cutest thing ever! Her favorite toys are a toy gun and a baby doll! She has a wide range of likes and I like it!
The STLs made some seafood creation and it was not bad! I actually really liked it! It was cool because we had to use needles to get the food out of the shells. Hahahah t around 10:31 at night i realized I ate snails but everything is chill because the snails were good! 
Sister Murphy was sick this week so we just worked real hard till she felt like she was gonna die and then went back to our house so she wouldn't die. While she was doing her sick thing I made sure to be productive so i designed myself a planner cover. I worked really hard on it and I used old church magazines to make it! Its a big thing here to make planner covers so please tell me if you like mine!Sister Campos saw mine and she said "As long you're happy". 
A Joe talked to us in McDonald's! I was just chilling eating my value menu chicken sandwich when this white guy in his late 40s came up to us and talked to us. To be completely honest white guys here scare me because they usually are mean and date filipina girls my age but this guy was really nice. He introduced us to his family and gave us his number in case we needed anything. Sister Murphy and I realized that he was concerned for use because we are two white girl in a third world country and he probably saw us as his daughter or something and was concerned we might get killed. ANYWAYS.... we have his number and we know where he lives and we might just stop by and share a quick message about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him and his family. #WeAreTotesGonnaDoThat
We had quick little Cebu trip this week! I just had to go see the doctor and well it was all chill because we traveled for like EVER. We met the new mission nurse! She is the so cool. I met her when we went to the hospital and I told her that i was the middle child and she goes "Oh so you use humor to be included?"
She is amazing i love her and i am so happy she is here. Sister Murphy and I met so many  men who were so determined to talk to us! Lots of them told Sister Murphy that they would wait for her! She is such a gem she has about a billion Filipino guys waiting for her. We were on a ferry and they were all just talking to us one at a time and then the captain of the ferry comes out and joins in too. I turned to Sister Murphy and told her there is a small chance that if we ask nicely they'll let us steer the ferry for a while. We decided not to do that because well we don't know how to steer a ship.
A drunk man talked to us and tried to Bible bash us but he was just kind of bashing himself and  so we just let him be. It was fun because we were waiting for some other Sisters but the drunk man came up instead! Haha it was totes fun!!
On our way back we had to Negros we had to go through a metal detector and it went off and all the guards started freaking out but then they started laughing and let me through anyways and didn't do any other checks. Haha the TSA here is 
Well that's about it this week. Sister Murphy and i are trying to teach our investigators oh how they can save up money so they can go to church on Sundays. I really hope it works because the investigator attendance is slack-alacking.
Okay that's it.
Love you all. 
Don't do drugs
Sister McKendrick

*District meeting*Elder: Psst Sister McKendrick me: What?Elder: *shows he is holding two birds in his hands*me:Oh my goodness

he held them all of district meeting (pic included)


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