February 9, 2018



Second Officer Jeff


....but it was because we couldn't find their church records, so we had to redo it.
I mean hey the Church is perfect  but the members are not so sometimes people need to be baptized again because a record gets lost. Its a rare thing to happen but I am happy we dont jsut let it slide.
So it technically does not count when it comes to missionary baptisms, but oh well I love seeing lovely people make lovely covenants.
The people here are just lovely. Sister Evelyn is devoted as ever and she is just so perfect. She hasn't been getting a lot of sleep lately because her sister-in-law (but not really because #sheisnot married) has stage four breast cancer so about a million times a day she changes the bandages on her. She is so loyal. 
We were teaching her live-in-partner's family last week. We were teaching them under this bamboo hut by the ocean and then one lady comes out with broken coconuts with straws in them and gave them to us. It was pretty amazing and above all of that we got to teach them the Gospel. #DoesLifeGetAnyBetter?
Okay so Sister Murphy has been breaking some hearts here. She literally does nothing but speak Bisaya and is white  (also she is super beautiful) and the filipino men are falling for her EVERYWHERE!! The evidence? Remember the ferry ride we had back from Cebu and how all the boys were amazed with our bisaya. Well on Sunday night when the District leaders were coming from Cebu on the SAME ferry they received a special note from one of those boys for...wait for it... SISTER MURPHY. 
It was from the young(22) guy in the group and his name that he gave us...wait for it...Second Officer Jeff!! Hahah he wrote to her saying he is so happy she speaks Bisaya and her gave her his number and he told her to find him on Facebook....SO EVERYBODY BETTER BE LOOKING UP FOR ME RIGHT NOW ALL GUYS NAMED "Second Officer Jeff" he is Filipino looking and Flipino sounding. Sister Murphy wanted to burn the letter but I told her all letters we receive are to be kept...ESPECIALLY THE CREEPY ONES
Thanks Man
Also I had a moment of sympathy for all the missionaries in America this week. I talked to a Joe and he started talking about all thsi revelation happening today #HeSaidThereWasAGoldenLadyInTheSky then he took out his guitar and his daughter starting singing Hebrew and overall I just felt like the Philippines is really the place for me when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Not so much in America. I mean he was really nice but Sister Murphy and I told him to download The Book of Mormon and we'll come by and say hi next time if we see him.
Well that is about it for this week! 
Love you all! read the Book of Mormon!Sister McKendrick
P.S one of the things i love here is they take famous American celbrities andput their pictures on cheesy romance novels (check the pics)

P.S.S check the encouraging message the guy's hat had for us on the bus the other day!
LINE OF THE WEEKold man: can I join you and your companion?us: not allowed because you are a guyold man: but what if i am gay?us: no


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