February 18, 2018



How to pretend your not asleep and other things I learned this week

This week was ,pretty good I mean there was a surprise category 2 storm that showed up a couple nights ago so that was fun. #KeepinTheLoveALiveIGuess

Sister Murphy and I went to Trozo to teach some progressing investigators. COOLEST THING HAPPENED...The preacher mom of our investigators joined in on our lesson and shared her insights of the Bible by reading from Daniel but it turns out she was reading to us 2 chapters of Daniel #SoCoolRIGHT ! It was really cool because I was really tired and I was just fed raw potatoes and all that jazz but I kept listening! I turned my head and saw that the  member we invited to come and testify at our lesson had a handkerchief over her head....She TOTES wasn't sleeping #ButSheTotesWas 
Hahahaha it was really fun!
The people we teach are really fun! This week we had exchanges and I was with Sister Campos, she is just so lovely. One of our appointments I could already tell was going to be a blast because the the house had written on its wall "Niggy Iggy Gang". We were teaching this one lady and she is amazing because she was all receptive to our message and this guy walked in her house and she tells us to stop talking so we just sat in silence. Then she made this vomit face when he walked out and then we continued the lesson like nothing happened! NICE.
We then taught this one really amazing family and I tried to tell the kids to quiet down and so I said "Pion ta" and then they all folded their arms and closed their eyes...WHOOPS I accidentally told them to pray. #StillLostInTranslation
We had Interviews and Zone conference this week. It was really amazing and I loved both so much. In less then a week I get to shake hands with an Apostle! I AM SO EXCITED! 
I learned so much from Zone Conference and I am so excited to share the Gospel even more than I have before! 
Sad news Sister Murphy has to transfer. It has been a good run but she ahs more places to be amazing in.
I love you all I hope you had a great week.
P.S I saw a mural and the girl looked like me in a peddie cab! NICE!

LINE OF THE WEEK:*paying for trike ride*me:Brother do you have changehim: noSister murphy: do you have a peso?him: *pulls out change* yes


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