March 7, 2018



Putting the FUN in FUNeral

A cool thing that happened right after my email time ended last P-Day was that we recieved a text from our Branch President that we needed to go to a funeral that day at 12. We looked at the clock and it was 12:01. So yeah, we booked it. Sister Murphy ended up speaking at the funeral and I was the chorister. I don't know why though my voice doesn't get hit pretty high notes and I was afraid that the sweet old man who died would say from the casket that he being dead and in a casket wasn't enough to stop him from hearing the sad attempts of my voice....but he didn't so it's all good. 

A cool thing that happens at funerals here is people gamble whenever there is a funeral. I don't know why but I walked into the scene of a casket in one corner and a group of men gambling in the other. It was pretty chill. Sister Murphy did a wonderful talk at the funeral and I waved my hand beautifully. 
Later that day we were walking to an appointment and this member was like "Aren't you going to the funeral?" and we were like "what?" and we ended up ready to go to a funeral like there were cards and everything but turns out nobody else knew so we just went back to work. 
Another cool thing that happened this week was that I though that we were going to the church for a branch missionary meeting and it turns out it was a surprise farewell party for Sister Murphy! Haha we are not supposed to have farewell parties but you can't really do anything about it if it's a surprise party. It was so sweet to see how much the branch loves Sister Murphy. UPDATE: She is becoming a STL! I am so proud of her she is such wonderful companion and I am gonna miss her so much but she is gonna do great things. Ugh I love her. 
 We went to Trozo this week and a member gave us some really lami (yummy) pancakes! They were yeallow and really sweet and I asked what the ingrediants were because one seemed really familiar and HUGE shock it was butter. I am on the next level of pancakes becasue all of youare stuck with buttermilk pancakes while I have butter pancakes. She made us eat 10. #PrettySureTheMembersHaveAContestOfWhoCanFeedMeTheMost

Well now we are in Cebu and I get to shakes hands with an Apsotle tommorow. Wait did I just say that? Wow. I am so blessed I really am. 
Lately I was thinking about how much I love the Gospel and I am just so happy to be a missionary. Whenever I get asked why I decidied to serve I jsut say I knew the Gospel was true and I knew I was capable of sharing it (#ImSuperSocial) and well it gives me so much joy...why wouldn't I share it? I love the fact we have a Savior who loves us and atoned for our sins so that we may return to live with our Father in Heaven. We are human and we try not to sin, but sinning and making mistakes are inevitable. BUT through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we are freeded from our sins and we are clean again. 
I love it. I am not perfect, but my Savior is and through His Atonment I can become clean again and again and again. His Atonment is perfect. He loves us. I love Him. If you do not know of His love I invite you to pray to our Father in Heaven and ask Him if the Atonement is real. I promise you will receive an answer. 

Also HI MORMON. ORG welcome to my crib

I love you all!
Sister McKendrick

Elder: They don't have pole dancing hereMe:WHAT?Elder: You know the neative dance where they ahve two poles and you jump between the poles before you get your feet smashed?
I almost died.


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