March 13, 2018



Sister Murphy Left and Everything Fell Apart

I would like to start off by saying the title to this is because of me being overwhelmed not because of my new companion. My new companion is Sister Torcelino and she is just the bees knees. She is so sweet and lovely and wow #blessed #WhyDoIKeepGettingAwesomeCompanions? She is so amazing so she has been making this whole "Super Crazy I don't know what is happening right now week" a lot easier.

My week started off with a........HOT SHOWER. Which was made possible by the fact that we stayed at the Mission Nurse's apartment when we were in Cebu. I almost cried. In fact I think I am adding "Hot Showers" to the list of things I will hug and just cry when hugging it because wow hot showers are Amazing. 
I then got to meet.... Elder Ronald A. Rasband. *screams internally* I mean it was pretty much one of the most memorable moments of my life. I also shook his hand and he said to just me, and only me, the beautiful words of....."Hello". I am legit so happy. He told us that there is no such thing as coincidences and that everything is by Divine Design. Which some of you may ask...what about the pain we receive in our lives? Does God want us to suffer? And in fact, Elder Rasband was asked a question along those lines. Elder Rasband responded that before we entered this life we were given the choice to come here. We chose to come here. And with that choice we chose to also be in the midst of pain and suffering. Sometimes people make bad choices and it hurts the people you love. But we all knew that we would suffer here....and so why did we come here? To have joy. Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.(2nd Nephi 2:25). We all chose to come here so that me might have joy. I know we have hard days but through our Savior's Atonement we can find joy.
So Sister Torcelino likes to speak Bisaya 90% of the time and she is just amazing and I really feel like I am understanding and speaking Bisaya so much more now. 
We came back to San Carlos and sadly one of our investigators died. She was really just so sweet and I am going to miss her so much. She really wanted to come to church but she couldn't because she has Stage 4 breast cancer. 
So I am leading the area now with my barely functional bisaya and our recent convert invites us to the funeral. So we get to the service and we sit down and Sis Evelyn is like "Get up there". So yeah, TURNS OUT I WAS IN CHARGE OF THE SERVICE. Which is chill but like uh I didn't think it was pwede for us to do so we taught the plan of salvation and sang God Be With you Til we Meet Again. it was pretty n the spot but it was a good not-service.
President and Sister Pajaro also came and payed their respects which was really neat and wow I just have the best Mission President & wife ever!
In other news this white Parisian old man came up to us and was like really happy but when we asked if it was okay for us to visit him and share the Gospel. He was all like  "Oh I know your kindness is all an act! Everyone is watching! I have data on you!" and then hey did the two fingers pointing to his eyes they he pointed to us and backed away still doing the same motion. Ugh, such a lovely old man
Well that's about it I love you all!
Sister McKendrick
LINE OF THE WEEK:*turns out one of my mtc btach mates is staying in his area for 6 months too and his area is literally the dump*
Me: One mans trash is another mans treasure but all mens trash is your area



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