March 29, 2018



Crepes are great!

This week was not my favorite! I mean there are so many things to be happy for but all it all when compared to other weeks this week does indeed not really compare to the other ones! I am trying to stay positive so here are a list of things that were good!
-the restaurant next to our house turns out not to be super expensive and it is also really good because it has CREPES!!!!! 
-the dogs that usually chase us and try to give us some of their rabies did not chase us! It was really awesome because i said a prayer in my heart on the way over to that are that we would be safe because we needed to go there to teach a less-active family. And when we got over there all the dogs were there sound asleep on the ground. There were about 12 dogs just sleeping there. i felt like Daniel in the lions den. God really does hear our prayers.Even the ones you say in your heart on the trike to your appt in a scary area.
-Sister Torcelino is just so amazing I keep learning all this new stuff from her and wow #blessed
-This isn't really happy thing but while we were teaching some investigators I asked the mother to say the closing prayer and after the prayer I felt prompted to give her a hug and she just cried in my shoulder for a minute or two. She is in her fifties and she is just so scared about where the next meal for her kids will come from. It was a really humbling experience. Here I am 20 years old barely speaking Bisaya but because I am a missionary this lady trusts me and trusts what me and my companion teach her. 
-We finally have the marriage certificate for Sister Chuchie! She is going to be baptized! Hopefully! Prayers will be appreciated!! She kinda has the world against her right now and she is so sweet I really just want the best for her.
-After being positive the rainy days we gone. The sky told otherwise and gave us a huge downpour! It was so awesome because we were open a trike too! (Places you don't want to be during a down pour=trike)
-We had the final funeral service for our investigator who passed away. She's had about a 12 funerals now but we gave her the finale funeral and i think it was good enough because now she is buried.
-WE BEFRIENDED THE CREPES LADY. She is so gwapa. I will give updates if there is a baptism coming up!
- I tried a mango pineapple smoothie and it was so good!

Anyways if any of you had a bad week i hope you have a better week! I think we all gotta get a bad week in so we can just notice that the boring weeks are really really good weeks. I love you all!

*me after telling everyone about our progressing investigator and what we can do to help her *
Lady in ward: SO IS SHE A MEMBER OR NOT?

LOVESister McKendrick


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