April 18, 2018



Imma Have To Pass On That Medicine

We have a member who is a herbal medicine maker and he hasnt been to Church in a couple weeks! So we visited him and some guy came in during the lesson and the brother pointed to this brown package next to me and so I handed it to the guy who walked in and then I remembered that brother aint a legal herbal meds dealer so the question is....WHAT WAS IN THE PACKAGE??? If it was meds then hey i just helped an illegal drug deal! But it could ALSO be bananas!!!! I am gonna stick with bananas! Hahahah he tried to give me some of his herbel meds and I pulled the "American stomach" card so quickly. Pooor Sis Torcelino had to drink it (cuz someone had to in order to be kind) and she is still alive but she is such a trooper.
Dont you worry Sis Torcelino got her revenge when one investigator kept feeding us bread and Sister torcelino passed her to me and I felt like I was gonna die but then the investigator may have shoved the bread in my mouth and yeah so that's how mission weight happens!!!
Sister Chuchie got confirmed and she was so stylin' you have no idea! She is just so sweet and she just is so amazing! I love her so much!!! 
Yesterday I was eating a cheeseburger and it was delicious and then when I finished the song "I'm not in love" by 10cc came on and wow I LOVE THAT SONG. I think i am gonna start making a "Tender Mercy" Playlist of whenever one of the songs love back home plays here I'll write them down and wow I am so cool this is an awesome idea i am def gonna do it now.
Well that's about it! 
I love you all! Go and pray if you haven't in a while!
Love Sister McKendrick

LINE OF THE WEEK:*brought to you by an elder*Elder: do you have any water here?Store owner: Nah but we have beer, prostitutes, and gambling.Elder:*RUNS OUT OF STORE*


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