April 18, 2018



Be right back... I may be fluent in Bisaya


So I have been trying to be healthier and instead of drinking a coke I got a coke zero so i wouldn't have to worry about those darn calories! Smart right? Well it totally was but then I realized that it had caffeine and i was drinking it at around 10 pm. WHOOPS. So at around 3AM I was still wide awake and I realized maybe I should get on my knees and pray! Prayers were answered and I eventually did fall asleep! yay! 
A cool thing that happened was SISTER CHUCHIE GOT BAPTIZED. Now I have been with this lovely lady since the beginning. She has been coming to Church for like EVER and she finally had her baptism interview and things looked all good. But of course she had all these trials but it was through these trials she really gained the desire to be baptized. She knew she needed to be baptized but wow those trials i think helped here realize how badly she wanted to be baptized. Her baptism was beautiful. I felt so happy seeing her be baptized. I am so happy i was here for it. 
A cool thing is that i am officially getting the hang of Bisaya. Of course there are time I just have no idea what is going on but i just keep moving forward. I love talking to people. I've always loved talking to people but when you are learning a new language you kinda quite down because you have no idea what is going on. BUT NOW I TALK AND I AM NEVER NOT TALKING AGAIN. I feel so free!!!!!!!! 
I also loved that one of our Recent converts got a new grandkid and has officailly named me and every other sister misisonary that has ever taught her, her grandkid's unofficial godmother. I am not techincally a godmother I am a "maninay" I think it is jsut a title thing and I feel so honored. 
This week I felt inspired to read Joseph Smith History and by the time I was done reading it I felt such a love and apprecation for Joseph Smith that the trike driver that drove us to the bus station got a good talkin' from me about why it is so important to have modern day Prophets.
I love you all have a great week! 
P.S the peso pic is what my roommate recevied when she got her cahnge back. it was folded so it looked like a fifty. I almost died. it is so funny
and the phone pic is my Zone Leaders chastisng me to send in some stats. #CALLEDOUT
LINE OF THE WEEKMe: Hi, how are you!Him: Does sign of the cross and ignores meMe: cool class ring waht year did you graduate?him: I am Catholic*does  sign of the cross about 12 more times*


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