April 18, 2018



Would You Walk To Church?

There are many moments that I think "yes, this is it. This moment right now represents Philippines Missionary life" and then something even more Filipino happens and I just end up thinking it again. 

Just earlier this week I was thinking that as I was teaching the Restoration and soy-sauce spilled on me and a little girl was braiding my hair. #PleaseUndersandYaGurlIsTenderHeaded
But it's chill Restoration lessons trump soy sauce and tender heads any day.
So what else to say....
Oh yeah earlier this week I was troubled. This great family really wanted to go to Church and they just couldn't because they didn't have any fare. They live 11KM from the Church. But we felt inspired to ask them if they were willing to walk to Church. And well I don't ask anyone to do something I can't do myself so I offered for us missionaries to walk with them. The mom said yes and the dad just laughed. So Sunday at around 6:30 AM we started our walk. The mom was so excited and her little kids joined in too. Also one neighbor heard we were walking to Church and she just goes "I'll come too!". After 1Km she declares she has fare so she rides to Church and after 5KM Church was gonna start in 10 mins so Sister Torcelino and i decided they showed their faith for the day (one kid was dragging) and we RODE. Hahaha I love them so much. They have so much faith they really do. 
Church was awesome. I love it when we have investigators with us. It always makes Sundays even better. We even taught Siamson family as our last appointment. We took some pics too
I also wanted to take a video of the local town hero a crossing guard who direct traffic while he dances. 
hold up. So uh kinda the worst thing just happened. This computer has a virus and it ate all my pictures from my SD card.
Things that happened lately and you wont be able to see because they are gone.

(side note--- Caroline procastinated in posting her posts so actually they are here!)
1) I ate Sugar Cane and it was totes delicious.

2.) One house had a pet crocodile and i pet it with a bamboo stick till it fell asleep. #CrocodileHugger

3.) We celebrated tay's birthday and he lives at a top of a mountain. QUITE THE PARTY

4.) I rode a cow with the most gwapo man ever (it was Tay)

5.) I used a Korean ear cleaning candle that takes all the wax out of your ear and you light it on fire.\

6.) My roommates figured out about the Fronda thing I would do in highschool and so they all dressed up as fronda and we all had our own names. Fronda, Glinda, Frida, and Honda.

7.) Being on a trike on a mountain one-lane road and one HUGE truck is trying to go up and another HUGE truck is trying to go down....and we are in the middle of it.
YEAH. I is not fun that you all don't get to see my fun. If any of you have been wishing me bad luck lately here it is. 
It's chill these things happen. I go them in my memories and that's okay too.
Keep me in your prayers apparently there is an Elder who can retrieve my pictures back in Cebu.
I really don't know why I am sad when we celebrate this week the fact that our Savior CONQUERED death! Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. I hope you all prepare yourselves for General Conference. WE GET TO HEAR FROM A LIVING PROPHET!!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???????? 
Our Saviors Atonement trumps silly SD cards....EVERY TIME.
I love you all have a great week and say your prayers!
LOVESister McKendrick

And no one will....maybe. Keep me in your prayers they were pretty cool pics


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